Finding Joy in Celebrating Christmas with my Parish Community by Johan Ferrer

I always look forward to our Parish events, such as the Buling-Buling, Easter and the Parish Fiesta, and most especially the Christmas Activities. Aside from the Misa de Gallo and the parties, there are also recollections, outreach programs, and the many ways of giving by the different ministries. I attended the PGH Ministry’s gift-giving onContinue reading “Finding Joy in Celebrating Christmas with my Parish Community by Johan Ferrer”

SYA Celebrates Halloween in the PGH Pediatrics Wards By Ruby Palma

The PGH Halloween party last November 15 was the first outreach program that I joined with SYA (Single Young Adults). When I learned about it, I readily volunteered since I knew I’ll be free that weekend. It had been a while since I joined any outreach event. I have been involved in different outreach/volunteer programsContinue reading “SYA Celebrates Halloween in the PGH Pediatrics Wards By Ruby Palma”

PGH TOY GIVING by Sabrina Soriano

The Hospital Ministry visits the various hospitals it supports on a weekly basis to give medicines to the patients. This past week though, we were blessed by a kind family that donated toys that were gifts for their child’s birthday. They also added toys that their daughter didn’t use anymore so that other kids couldContinue reading “PGH TOY GIVING by Sabrina Soriano”

The PGH Christmas Gift Giving

It’s November once again and Christmas is fast approaching. Gift shopping, preparations for Christmas dinners, parties, Noche Buena, and more, keep us busy and preoccupied during this busy season. Wouldn’t it be good to pause for a while and give thought to our less fortunate brothers and sisters and see how we can share ourContinue reading “The PGH Christmas Gift Giving”

PGH Artist Awarding of Prizes

The winners of our September PGH Artist contest, where they depicted “Mama Mary in My Life” as a way to honor Mama Mary during her birth month, were Judellen Naparate and Rhia Marie Ruiz, elementary students of Silahis ng Kalusugan, and Jenny Contreras and Sherllan Mamiit, patients from the pedia wards. Unfortunately, Judellen was absentContinue reading “PGH Artist Awarding of Prizes”