The most beautiful site I have ever encountered visiting the PGH Children’s Charity Ward was when I witnessed 2 men giving a sponge bath to a feverish child suffering from a severe infection. What was so special about this was that one of the men happened to be the father of the child while the other man was a father of another patient under the care of our PGH Hospital Ministry. These two men taught me two beautiful life lessons. From the father of the suffering child, while he is beset with worry and anxiety over the condition of his son, he went beyond himself with a love so pure and selfless as he humbled himself to untiringly give his child a sponge bath. As for the other father, while he too was carrying his own cross as his own child was fighting for dear life on the other bed, without any hesitation ran to the aid of the other and assisted in trying to lower down the temperature of the feverish child. When asked why he did that, his response was “I learned to go beyond myself from the love and support my family has received”.

This is a clear proof that with everyone’s unwavering support to our Parish’s PGH Hospital Ministry, we must not limit ourselves in unraveling their hearts but also our own for the good of all. Come join us during our regular Tuesday hospital visits and be a direct witness of this heartwarming experience.