A Eucharistic Community of Families

by Dennis Montecillo

In this last issue of the month, we continue our journey from interdependence to solidarity by examining ways in which our parish builds our sense of community.

Jayme Blanco discusses the ways in which social media is used by God – through us – to spread His message more powerfully. Edmund Lim takes you on a whirlwind tour through the various ministries of our parish, demonstrating that we are like other parishes, but are also unique in our own right. Caron Macasaet shares a powerful personal testimony of how novenas and devotions carried her through a difficult moment in her life, focusing on the role that repetitive prayer played in her dark moments.

We, the SSAP parish, consist of thousands of different personalities, each shaped by our own life experiences. And yet, through it all, we are united by one Person – our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. It is He who serves as the glue that binds us together, that transforms interdependence into solidarity.Read more

A Eucharistic Community of Different Families Serving the Lord

by Edmund Lim, KHS

Our parish consists of various communities built up slowly over the decades. Our volunteers come from all walks of life empowered by their own strengths, sharing a common goal of spreading the word of God.

Santuario de San Antonio Parish began with five major groups, fondly called WESTY (Worship, Education, Services, Temporalities and Youth). It was with this core group, headed by their respective leaders, that our parish began its journey with Fr. Urban and Fr. Hugh many years ago. Today, you see a structure in our parish similar to WESTY, but fine-tuned over the decades and fortified by dedicated volunteers giving freely their time, treasure and talent.

My own personal experience began in the Worship ministries, comprised of different groups, serving our Lord in various ways: Lectors & Commentators; Musicians; Choirs; Eucharistic Ministers; Altar servers; Altar environment; Mother Butler; and Hospitality. Each ministry has a specific focus, and its members use their different and unique talents to serve our Lord in solidarity. This is most evident during Fiesta, Christmas, and Holy Week when all the different Ministries in Worship unify to glorify God. Read more


SSAP Pre-Cana

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Santuario de San Antonio Parish Pre-Cana program, conducted by its Ministry of Family and Life are scheduled every 1st Saturday of the month. Register online, here, or with Susan at the Parish Office, 843-8830 to 31 #4 and provide your preferred schedule, individual full names, nicknames, contact numbers and email addresses. If your wedding is not going to be held at SSAP, pls. seek permission from the parish of your wedding venue before signing up for SSAP Pre-Cana.

Married couples interested in joining our team of facilitators to inspire engaged couples, may contact 09164402829. This is a great opportunity to volunteer with your spouse and enrich your marriage. Choose the module/s you’re interested in and a schedule from once a year, twice yearly, quarterly or monthly. Modules and training will be provided. Read more about this…..

Read an article from one of the engaged couples>>>>>



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