World Youth Day 2019

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Days in the Diocese:
Finding a Home in Ocú, Panama

by Cesca Ledesma

​I got on the bus that took us to our Diocese with no expectations whatsoever. I wasn’t apprehensive, but I wasn’t overly excited either. At the time, I didn’t fully understand what “Days in the Diocese” really was. I just knew that it was an event preceding World Youth Day, where pilgrims from all over the world spent a week in a diocese of Panama. Other than that, all I knew was where we were headed: Ocú, a provincial town five hours away from Panama City.

​We were welcomed with fireworks, music, and all the townspeople cheering and waving our Philippine flag. Little did we know that it was only a preview of what that small town had in store for us. The next week was filled with dancing, games, festivals and so much more. Everybody in the town spoke Spanish rather than English, but the language barrier never seemed to hinder anybody from striking up a conversation. Soon enough, I found myself making friends. We welcomed two more delegations from France and Colombia, and with them, the fun only seemed to multiply.​

​We learned so many songs and dances that by the time I got home every night, I was too tired to stay up. We lived with host families in their houses, and my host mom always made sure I was fed to my heart’s content and asked me about my day every night before I went to bed. We also learned more about the culture of both Ocú and Panama, and we shared a little bit about our culture as well. Read more from Page 4 of this week’s Parish Bulletin>>>>>






SSAP Pre-Cana

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Santuario de San Antonio Parish Pre-Cana program, conducted by its Ministry of Family and Life are scheduled every 1st Saturday of the month. Register online, here, or with Jasmine at the Parish Office, 843-8830 to 31 #4 and provide your preferred schedule, individual full names, nicknames, contact numbers and email addresses. If your wedding is not going to be held at SSAP, pls. seek permission from the parish of your wedding venue before signing up for SSAP Pre-Cana.

Read an article from one of the engaged couples>>>>>



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