Introduction by Dennis Montecillo

In this edition, we feature two timely articles featuring important events in the Catholic Church – the Feast of the Divine Mercy (April 23), and the Feast of St. Mark (April 25).

Clarisse Gomez does a wonderful job of providing us with a synopsis of the life of Sister Maria Faustina, and how Jesus appeared to her over a period of time to deliver the message of the Divine Mercy that resulted in St. Pope John Paul II declaring the second Sunday of Easter as Divine Mercy Sunday.

While I grew up Catholic (for the most part, dutifully attending Sunday mass at San Antonio), I didn’t take my faith seriously or read anything related to my faith until about 15 years ago. After a significant event that changed my life (a story for another day), I went on a reading rampage! One of the books that had a profound effect on me was Sister Faustina’s diary. As I recall, I was so taken by the book that I read it cover to cover in two sittings…


Divine Mercy and the Blessed Virgin Mary
by Clarisse Gomez

he greatest message of love in our modern age did not come from tales of world leaders or testimonies of famous men. Rather, it emerged from the spiritual life of a young Polish girl named Helena Kowalska. She came from a poor family, and although she felt called to the religious vocation, she couldn’t for lack of resources. One evening while enjoying herself at a dance, Jesus suddenly appeared before her, covered in wounds. He asked her, “How long shall I put up with you and how long will you keep putting me off?” Struck by this image, she immediately left the dance and went to a Church to pray. Shortly after this incident, she left for Warsaw and joined the Congregation of the Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy. From then on she was Sister Maria Faustina…[read more]


St. Mark: Evangelist
by Peachy Maramba

Much that is written about St. Mark, an early Jewish convert to Christianity in Jerusalem during the apostolic age, is based on tradition rather than actual history. His mother is said to be a certain Mary who was a wealthy and influential woman whose home in Jerusalem was a meeting place of sorts for the apostles (Acts 12:12,25. However, it is improbable that her house was the scene of the Last Supper as some writers suggest.

While Mark was not one of the 12 apostles of Christ, he was almost certainly among the 70 identified in the Book of Acts…[read more]



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