Teaching CCD Through The Years

by Rachelle Wenger

Back in 2010, my eldest child joined the Confirmation class of CCD. As I had experience in teaching Catechism before, I decided to once again give it a try and join CCD in San Antonio.

At the beginning I was very nervous, as it is a most important topic and the influence that I have on young believers is so vital to how they will grow up as followers of Christ. But the children made it easy for me. I started with Level 3 at that time and the students were so sweet and innocent, full of curiosity and awe at God’s love, even though His presence was invisible. I was amazed at how they absorb every single story, testimony and parable we discussed. Most of all, I think it is kindness that they need to see and feel in their teacher, which can reflect God’s love.

Those Level 3 kids were very open and accepting. I feel that every human being, no matter what age just needs to feel they belong and that they are listened to. I listen to them intently and they reciprocate that when it’s their turn to listen. I feel if you are sincere and genuine, the children will pick up on that. Read more from Page 3 of this week’s Parish Bulletin>>>>>



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Read an article from one of the engaged couples>>>>>



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