Please join us for Season 2 of Friar-side Chats:
Journey to St. Clare of Assisi Parish

In this episode, we will have an intimate chat with St. Clare’s 1st community leader, Fr. Reu Jose Galoy, OFM and how the journey to building its community started. See you this Saturday, Oct. 24 at 3:30 pm via our Youtube channel or our Facebook page. See you there!

Nov. 1 & 2 Schedule
and Crypt Visiting Hours

November 1 is a Sunday. The crypts and cemeteries will be closed per gov’t regulation to avoid the spread of Covid-19. But we can start going back to our home parish for Mass and offer it to our departed loved ones. Parish is open for 18-65 yrs old (per Makati LGU). This applies to all Masses in SSAP. Masses will also be live streamed on our Youtube Channel and our Facebook page.

In this week’s Parish Bulletin….

World Mission Sunday
October 18

Today, we celebrate World Mission Sunday which was instituted by Pope Pius XI to remind us about our commitment and support to the missionary work of the Catholic Church through prayer and sacrifice. On Pentecost Sunday, Pope Francis released his message for this year’s celebration. Based on the theme taken from the Book of Isaiah, “Here am I, send me,” Pope Francis’ message says that the COVID-19 pandemic is an opportunity for mission and service to others. We asked several parishioners what the importance of mission is to them and how they answer God’s call to step out of ourselves for the love of God and of our neighbors especially during these unprecedented times.

Antonio Sison (Antioch)

The effect of the pandemic is obvious; it has affected not only ourselves as individuals but also the collective human race. We see it everywhere, the periodic reports of new cases, increasing death tolls, and the race to find solutions that benefit all; some struggles aren’t seen, the problems that we deal with on a day-to-day basis, the battle from within. We aren’t alone. Understanding that fact can go a long way; it helps us realize God’s Call, that is the mission of continuing to choose the loving option. Two basic examples that we can do during this time of pandemic that can help improve the lives of those around us are: (1) the mere act of donating to aid our fellow countrymen or supporting causes by informing others of it or even initiating similar projects; (2) an act of reaching out to a friend, a loved one or conversing with someone you haven’t spoken to. Sure, these won’t put a halt to all that is happening, but imagine the effect if entire parishes participate?

Macie Carlos (Luke 18)

I answer God’s call to mission by answering calls for help from my friends and family. Even for simple requests such as wanting to talk to someone or asking for advice, I try my best to help them. I also make use of social media platforms to help advocate for fundraising projects for people in need.

Cesar Inducil (SYA, PB)

Being a missionary is an essential and indispensable aspect to life as a Catholic and is not reserved for just a small group of elite experts. It’s this conviction which brought me back to the Philippines to work as a full-time lay missionary in an international formation program for young adult Catholics from around the world. Though the pandemic has interrupted our normal program and severely limited our ability to go out — it has taught me that I can still be a missionary by giving of the one thing that I have — an abundance of time. During this pandemic, I was a missionary by simply and joyfully making myself available for relatives and friends in need and by being helpful to the foreign young adults still stranded here because of the COVID-19 virus. Read the full article from this week’s Parish Bulletin

God’s Perfect Design
by Alexandra Li Hernandez

Dear Father Jem,

Thank you for guiding us thru the “33 Days to Morning Glory.” Although we were not able to attend all of the Sundays, we are so grateful for having attended this evening’s Mass. It was so nice to consecrate ourselves to Jesus thru Mary in the company of others who were likewise inspired.

You’re right. We believe that the Gospel today is no coincidence, just as our whole journey as parents, though short, is part of God’s perfect plan.

I remember telling the group the story of our Simon and how the spark ignited our hearts to consecrate ourselves to Jesus thru Mary. There were too many “coincidences” that now we fully understand that it is all God working thru His and our angel Simon, bringing us close to Mama Mary, so that we may continue to love our Simon perfectly all the days of our lives.

Coincidentally, the start date of our consecration was the date my husband said he wanted to consecrate himself to Jesus thru our mother, the date of Simon’s passing August 13, 2020.

Coincidentally, as grieving parents, we will consecrate ourselves on the most perfect Marian Feast — the Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows.

Coincidentally, the first piercing to the heart of Mary was delivered by the prophet Simeon… or Simon.

Coincidentally, last September 13 marked Simon’s first month in Heaven and the Parish Bulletin issue which contained my article about the “33 Days to Morning Glory.”

Coincidentally, today — on the day of our consecration — the Gospel was about Marian consecration.

Coincidentally, this year’s Feast of Our Lady of Sorrow falls on a Tuesday when we pray the Sorrowful Mysteries.

Coincidentally, Simon’s 40th day September 22, 2020 is exactly one month after the Queenship of Mary.

I could replace all the words coincidentally to “Thru God’s perfect design” because I know that God does not make mistakes. We are full of joy, Father Jem. We miss Simon very much but we know that Simon accomplished his mission on earth and has made us realize God’s mission for us too.

Thank you again, Father. I hope we can continue to grow our faith and live our vocation as a married couple with your guidance.

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