“Can I take a selfie with you?” This is the scenario when people discover or initially meet the mother of a famous basketball player/TV personality. Oftentimes she is also introduced as the “mother of ___ (name of the celebrity).” Similar experiences happen to mothers of popular or successful figures due to people’s admiration for their child.
     Does the attention given to these mothers take away the honor of their celebrity child? No, but our separated brethren, who criticize Catholics for giving importance to Mary, do not understand this. Read the full article from this week’s Parish Bulletin>>>>>

Mary, the Mother of Creation
by Conchitina S. Bernardo

In the silence  of Centering Prayer, one ponders  the topic of Our Lady and creation. Suddenly, St. Francis’ Cancticle of the Sun, comes to mind.   “Praised be my Lord for our mother the Earth, which sustains us and keeps us, and yields diverse  fruits, and flowers of many colors, and grass.”   All that speak of creation, always refer to Mother Earth…..female. Probably because symbolically life springs from woman. This is why, on this month of October dedicated to the Rosary and Our  Blessed Mother, we contemplate on Mary and creation. In the quiet of a room, it all comes together. Pope Francis encapsulated it into an Encyclical.  Read from page 2>>>>>

My devotion to Mama Mary began when I was a child. My mama would ask us to pray the rosary on the way home from school. Every month of May, she would ask us to dress up and recite the rosary in the afternoon with the priest in our old village. When we moved to San Francisco, as a teenager, mama would continue to ask me to recite the rosary with her. Now, as a wife and mother, I religiously pray the rosary with and for my family. More on page 3>>>>>

I’ve been fortunate to visit the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes in France several times already. The first time was when I was sixteen years old, and getting ready to apply for college. The second time was after my college graduation, when I was looking for employment. My latest trip was March of this year, when I was contemplating on whether I should pursue my career or focus on my business full time. It seems like everytime my life is at a crossroad, I find myself in Lourdes. Read from Page 4>>>>>

Every two years, my sisters and I plan out a big trip abroad – something that requires meticulous planning, decisions, agreements and arrangements – all mental chores which I avoided this last trip, in exchange for being the designated driver for the entire trip. When the big ticket items were thrown into what would be our first cross country road trip in Spain, the Barcelona Open with Nadal was the major opener. This time, I piped in to say that the trip ender had to be a pilgrimage to Fatima on its 100th anniversary. More on Page 5>>>>>

Wednesdays with Mama Mary at Baclaran
By Katrina Pacheco

My devotion to Mama Mary started when I realized that I was approaching a milestone in my life. I was turning 30 in a few months and I was at a crossroads. I was single, in between jobs, and entertaining the idea of becoming an entrepreneur.  I thought of doing the Novena to Our Mother of Perpetual Help for nine consecutive Wednesdays at Baclaran.   My first Wednesday was an experience I will never forget. I witnessed devotees kneeling from the entrance to the image of Mama Mary in front, devotees lighting candles for their intentions and devotees knocking at Mama Mary’s image. As I observed them, I felt that they were facing bigger problems than mine such as poverty, sickness, unemployment, etc. Read from Page 6>>>>>

Pure Love for Mama Mary
By RJ Limpo

Ever since I was a child, I would hear the words “pray for WORLD PEACE and CONVERSION OF SINNERS” (especially during block rosary activities). This prayer, although simple and straightforward, felt to me honestly like it was a far-fetched idea. Much like a politically “safe” prayer (if there is even such a thing). As a child, I quickly shelved it as what I would consider “generic prayer”. I mean, world peace? How could I possibly contribute to world peace? Then conversion of sinners? I imagined, how could I possibly reach out to all the sinners in the world and ask them to convert? But just the same I would oblige and pray that as part of the litany of prayers without really understanding its importance or impact. More on Page 7>>>>>




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Read an article from one of the engaged couples>>>>>



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