as explained by Fr. Winston Cabading,OP

By Lucille Villanueva

Most cultures believe that intermediate beings exist – between humans and a Supreme Being – sometimes called demigods, angels, demons or genies. Our Bible confirms and corrects these beliefs, by citing the battle among the angels. Human greatness, suffering and death can be understood only by knowing the roles played by these angels.

Sacred Scripture confirms that spiritual, non-corporal beings – called “angels” – existed since creation. God made them before He created man. They are far superior to man. Guardian angels are devoted helpers of mankind, from birth to death. Angels have no gender, no material bodies, and each is created distinct and unique. They have intelligence and will, they are immortal creatures, that can’t be controlled by man. God revealed only three names of angels – Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael as His special messengers.

Christ is the center of the Angelic world. The hierarchy of angels is as follows:

1.) SERAPHIMS, CHERUBIMS, and THRONES: Heavenly servants of God
2.) DOMINATIONS, VIRTUES, and POWERS; angels that govern the created order
3.) PRINCIPALITIES (protectors of nations), ARCHANGELS (messengers to humans), and ANGELS (guardian angels and nature spirits).

Angels are infallible thru their MORNING KNOWLEDGE, which is certain actual and infallible knowledge, infused or revealed by God. EVENING KNOWLEDGE is the capacity to know that which is not present in angelic knowledge. The angels gain further knowledge by revelation, as God unfolds His great plan. But angels can’t read our thoughts directly unless we reveal them through prayer. They know our sins only as revealed by God. Angels and saints know other creatures, both spiritual and corporal, through BEATIFIC VISION.

Jesus’ incarnation and the elevation of Mary – as Queen of Heaven and Earth – caused some angels to rebel, when God revealed that man will be created in His own image and likeness. The Eternal Word would become man and also higher than angels. The fallen angels assumed that they should be highest among God’s creatures but instead God chose a woman. Their sins were: ENVY – of God’s prerogative to become man and born of woman; PRIDE – of their superiority over mankind and refusal to worship the God-man; and HATE – of God and any man or woman higher than angels. Read more from this week’s Parish Bulletin>>>>>





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