Care for God’s Gifts:
Stewardship of Time, Talent & Treasure

Joy with Kids by Mary Ann Villanueva, CCD Teacher
Sundays! I love Sundays and one good reason is because I spend time with my Reception class at CCD or the Continuing Catholic Development ministry. Reception class is the first level of religious education for 5 and 6 year olds. Yes, it’s the start of formal learning about God for these very young kids. It’s their first lessons where they learn how God loves them – He created the world, the skies, animals, plants and gave them family, friends and people who serve. Read from Page 4 of the Parish Bulletin>>>>>

Our All, For the Greater Glory of God! by Renán S. Prado
As we go through life, we set goals for ourselves and as objectives are achieved, new paths are paved. At times, we are influenced by others to make decisions and to act on them. While in school, we had our minds focused on a career we wanted to pursue. We all answered a call. Some of us were not successful all the time but we learned. Robert Frost once said, “In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life; It goes on.” Read from Page 5>>>>>



AUGUST 18-20

May – October



SSAP Pre-Cana

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Santuario de San Antonio Parish Pre-Cana program, conducted by its Ministry of Family and Life are scheduled every 1st Saturday of the month. Register online, here, or with Susan at the Parish Office, 843-8830 to 31 #4 and provide your preferred schedule, individual full names, nicknames, contact numbers and email addresses. If your wedding is not going to be held at SSAP, pls. seek permission from the parish of your wedding venue before signing up for SSAP Pre-Cana.

Read an article from one of the engaged couples>>>>>



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