A Filipino mother asked her son, “Have you added water to the bottles of vinegar?” “Have you put pebbles inside the weighing scale?” The boy answered ‘yes’ to both questions. The mother said, “Very well, we can close the store. Now, let us pray the Rosary.”

Being Christians is not simply practicing pious devotions. Our Faith does not end the moment we step out of the church. When the priest says, “Go forth, the Mass is ended,” it means that we are send forth to fulfill God’s will in our daily lives. Read from this week’s Parish Bulletin>>>>>

Did you know that the story of Mary’s Presentation is not a historical fact but is formed only in the second century writings of St. James (7:1-2) known as the Protoevangelium of James and in the gospel of pseudo-Matthew (4) neither of which is included in the Bible?

In this recognized unhistorical account we learn that Sts. Joachim and his barren wife Anna made a vow to bring Mary to the temple to present and consecrate her to the Lord in thanksgiving for Anna now advanced in years miraculously giving birth to her. Following the then religious custom among the Jews, Jaochim wanted to dedicate his two-year old child to God’s service but Anna persuaded him to wait until the child was at least three years old. Read from Page 2>>>>>

A Taste of Silence
by Conchitina S. Bernardo
From Devotion to Ministry

In every Faith experience, there arrives a time to reach out and share one’s spiritual journey towards a relationship with the Divine. The multi-avenues that exist to encounter the Lord are as diverse and varied as the characteristics and traits of the human person. They are so variable and countless, for no two persons are alike. We are told that each of us is, in fact, a reflection of some of God’s limitless facets. We are after all made in His image and likeness. Invariably because it is our calling, we find that as life evolves, and we grow, we are drawn towards a path where we joyfully encounter God. More on page 3>>>>>

Throughout our lives, most of us feel safe and protected. Let’s face it, many of us live cushy lives, growing up in loving comfort provided by our parents, progressing into adulthood within the same circles with our spouses who provide and care for us and our children and grandchildren, cushioned in our comfortable cocoons. Easy living. All relative but certainly by most standards there is little for us to want for.

We love God, we love our families, we do what we can in our own time, with what fits into our schedules. We have our own involvements and our own advocacies. We sometimes think we are doing enough. And just when we are in this relaxed mode of complacency, the Lord presents us with moments of opportunity. God calls us to do something different — to deal with things unfamiliar, with people unknown to us, outside our “circle” of familiarity. He presents us with a challenge. More on page 4>>>>>

Having been born into a sick mother who was diagnosed with Lupus soon after she gave birth to my older brother, I remember my childhood being filled with as many devotionals as what I perceived was available at that time. We recited the rosary daily as a family, and we would never skip Sunday mass, I remember we would also always be eager to have the image of the Blessed Mother come to our house whenever it made the rounds during the block rosary crusades. There were also Wednesdays when we would go to Baclaran for the Perpetual Help Novena and Tuesdays evenings for St. Martha Novena in Mount Carmel church, etc. Read from page 5>>>>>

2018 is just around the corner and so we look back on the graces and blessings we have received this year.

The Tuesday Marian Cenacle is a group that prays for priests, through the intercession of Mama Mary, the Mother of all priests. We gather weekly to pray the rosary, read Marian messages and share our reflections. We end with a Mass, recite the Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

As a group, we visit local and international Marian shrines, as well as Shrines of Saints. As all our saints call on Mama Mary in difficult times to remain faithful to God, we too do the same. More on page 6>>>>>

I started my Franciscan Journey in 2007. I would say that it was the Holy Spirit who led me to the Secular Franciscan Order, through my life’s experiences and this was my guiding prayer: Most high glorious God, enlighten the darkness of my heart and give me true Faith, certain Hope and perfect Charity, sense and knowledge, Lord, that I may carry out Your holy and true command. It is important that I acquire a mature, contemporary and authentic understanding of basic Catholic belief and as St. Francis noted, “Let us begin, for up to now, we have done nothing.” Turn to page 7>>>>>


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