When Too Much Self-Love Creates Entitlement
and Steals Your Joy

By Jaja L. LedesmaE2249AA0-DAAA-41A4-95CB-E6EECDCE51E8

Fr. Dennis Paez was the guest speaker and his topic was, “Trust, Humility and Service – All For His Glory.” The talk was sponsored by the LeCom Ministry, and it was held last January 29 at the SSAP Parish Center.

Fr. Dennis’ talk was much anticipated and attended by more than 70 friends and parishioners. Everyone welcomed him and stayed on to listen to his words, his wit, and his very real stories. His lecture became even more interesting with his video presentations to prove the key points he wanted to make.

The title of the talk was what I expected Fr. Dennis to talk about. How trusting, humbling oneself, and serving others all lead to glorifying God. However, he presented it to his audience in another way. He delved on entitlement – how not trusting, not humbling oneself, and not serving others would lead to it.

Yes, entitlement exists, wherever we may be – in Church, at home, in our workplace, or in school. The videos and slides he shared made me think of how entitlement truly creates an unhealthy environment. Feeling entitled only emphasizes one’s selfishness. One’s adoration of himself – echoing the words “I Love Me, I Love Myself” – leads to a sad life. It creates anger, conflict, unhappiness, alienation, and helplessness. One becomes ungrateful, not realizing that he has so much to be thankful for. An entitled person looks at himself as a “God,” who needs to be given special attention, although it should be the opposite. Fr. Dennis mentioned that the only people who deserved entitlement were Joseph, Mary, and Jesus, yet they never showed signs of it. Read more from this week’s Parish Bulletin>>>>>


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