Getting into the Spirit of Advent
By Marion Chan

As a young, 10-year-old girl of Grade 4, it is hard to think of Advent as anything more than a period of time in which you could listen to Jose-Mari Chan controlling the speakers in the malls, watch adults frantic, frazzled with their Christmas shopping, and kids making Christmas Wish Lists. As a kid, it is especially hard to wait for the coming of Christmas, always filled with family, the prospect of Santa leaving gifts, and (my personal favorite) staying up late on Christmas Eve. The presents! Our idle hands itch to tear open glistening gift wrappings, and all kinds of presents- thick, blocky ones that weigh a million tons, or thin ones in Santa paper that hold even more surprising possibilities- piled up high under the Christmas Tree. Opening presents is like a tidal wave of grabbing hands, excited shrieks and howls of delight sweeping over every and ending with shredded paper drifting through the air as kids and adults alike examine our newly found presents. Then, we also eat! We feast like the kings and queens of old. We talk and laugh and have a grand time until the break of dawn.

But even before Christmas, it’s Advent. Everybody knows that Advent is a special time, a time when we can spiritually prepare ourselves for the coming of the Lord – our Savior, Jesus Christ. Advent is a time of waiting for the time when God became one of us. But in a child’s eyes, it’s just something to keep us pre-occupied or distracted from the fact that the real party, the actual birthday is still a few weeks away. And, well… kids are not exactly known for their patience. And that is exactly why it is so much harder for kids to experience the real meaning of Advent, because we’re just too busy with getting it over with, so that our version of Christmas can really, truly start. We get taught what the Advent Candles mean- hope, faith, joy, and peace with Christ in the center- then we forget it by the time next year rolls around.

We forget. We forget that the one Person Who is the reason for all this merry-making is the One destined to die on the cross.

We are swept away with the commercial aspects of this holiday, and after the Christmas Mass, we don’t give Him a second glance. We kids are impatient for the wrong reasons. Read more from this week’s Parish Bulletin>>>>>





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