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What God Took Away Part 2
By Milette Zamorah

At TV Mass this morning, 22 March 2020, a statement in the Gospel struck me. Jesus cured a man of his blindness with His spit. Our spit kills. Not only does our spit carry bacteria and viruses, it carries evil thoughts and bad intentions when we speak ill. Our spit is so evil that even our government has asked us to keep our spit to ourselves.

Then at that moment of realisation, the coincidence of today’s Liturgy of the Word made complete sense. By remaining faithful to God despite his sinfulness, David was kept in God’s watchful care, as sung in the Psalm, and was redeemed. For us then, by remaining faithful, God redeems us too and gives us strength to be His light to the world.

Take our use of social media. In the past few days, we have sent and received inspirational messages, videos, and memes that encouraged us to constantly pray as a global family. We promoted and provided “unwalled” prayer venues and times. We inspired each other to deepen our prayer and spiritual lives. We have used social media better and for the right reasons – to inspire and encourage, rather than to criticise and vilify. As a result, we have been sent memes of praying where prayer didn’t exist before. Read more >>>>>

FAITH amidst COVID-19
by the Rosary Vigil Brigade

Caron Macasaet
When we planned to do the Rosary Vigil, I thought it would just be a handful of us doing it. I even said, “We will be the ones doing this.” After a week of reciting the Rosary online, I am proud to say, that our number has grown — our group of 10 is now a group of 60 prayer warriors! God really provides for all our needs! And I am sure that if we just keep praying and asking God to heal all of us and the entire world, we will overcome this pandemic! Through the intercession of Blessed Virgin Mary and all the angels and saints. Amen. I used to cry ‘cause I couldn’t get people to recite the Rosary. I could invite them to a party which they would attend but to pray, forget it! Then I met you guys … and it all changed. Thank you, Mama Mary for helping me find my Rosary friends!

Rica de Jesus
Our Community Rosary brings peace to my heart — it calms me during these times of crisis where everyone is panicking. It’s the best way to spend time especially now that we have a lot of it in our hands. I believe that if we pray, we are safe; more so if we pray together. God wants us to pray together.

Dora Cantada
Ever since the SSAP Rosary Vigil was initiated, I immediately joined. Why not? I had all the time right now. After a few sessions, it became a habit. Then I started looking forward to it — anticipating the call of our leaders at the appointed time — to pray the Rosary and to pray as a Community! One week has passed and I’m looking forward to 3 more weeks together in prayer. Praise God!

image2 Elizabeth Silverio
Praying with this group has comforted me a lot and made me feel hopeful in spite of the news and our collective situation. Starting my day with prayer sets the tone for the day, and it is one of the reasons I remain positive, considering the situation. I truly feel Mama Mary, our Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are listening to us all — each and every one of us — and making arrangements to end this thing soon! We just need to keep the faith and keep praying.

IMG_4972Liza Chan-Parpan
I am both humbled and grateful for the opportunity, especially in this day and age, to come together as a community to honor the Blessed Virgin Mary, our Mother. Not just once but even 4 times a day, should we so choose! “Thank you, Lord, for giving so many of us this time — to slow down, to rediscover the Rosary, to deepen our devotion to Mama Mary, our Mother– and listen to her gentle urging to “do whatever He tells you. Read more >>>>>

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