The Family That Sings Together
By Caren Tordesillas

Growing up, serving the Parish in my own little way was something that was encouraged of me by my parents. I come from a family of people who are so deeply rooted in the service of Santuario de San Antonio (SSAP) — my dad was an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion, my older sister sang with the Rhythm of Assisi (the kids choir back in the 80s), my brother was an altar server, and my aunt was a very active member of the Circle of St. Anthony (COSA), the group who built the Parish Center, spearheaded Parish fiestas and encouraged young people to come and be more present in Church.


I joined the Voices of St. Anthony (VOSA) when I was 11 years old. I had always enjoyed singing — and occasionally playing an instrument — that being a member of VOSA seemed like a perfect fit. I became committed to serving the church by singing at the 6:00 pm Mass on Saturdays, rain or shine, and it was through VOSA that I met my husband, Chris (who was also active in the different ministries of SSAP during his younger years).


What I love most about VOSA is that we are a family in itself. While we seem like a family choir (Chris; my sisters, Pebbles and Bambie; my niece, Macie are all a part of it; with choir head, Andy Huang as our Ninong), every member has become like family to us. It is our own little faith family working together, sharing our gift of music with the Church. Read more from this week’s Parish Bulletin>>>>>





SSAP Pre-Cana

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Santuario de San Antonio Parish Pre-Cana program, conducted by its Ministry of Family and Life are scheduled every 1st Saturday of the month. Register online, here, or with Jasmine at the Parish Office, 843-8830 to 31 #4 and provide your preferred schedule, individual full names, nicknames, contact numbers and email addresses. If your wedding is not going to be held at SSAP, pls. seek permission from the parish of your wedding venue before signing up for SSAP Pre-Cana.

Read an article from one of the engaged couples>>>>>



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