On the occasion of Fr. Hugh’s birthday (Oct. 19) and 40th day of his death, we are publishing this special issue to give due recognition to his contributions in laying a solid foundation for our parish community.


While I know that Fr. Hugh will personally protest this idea of honoring what he has done for our parish and will simply argue that he only did what he was expected to do as a faithful servant of our Lord Jesus Christ (Lk. 17:10) and son of St. Francis of Assisi, this is also an occasion for us to reminisce and refresh our memories, reflect on our ongoing activities and programs and review our future pastoral endeavors that facilitate our community’s steady growth and development…
In Memory of Fr. Hugh Zurat, OFM by Fr. Reu Galoy, OFM


I’LL BE SEEING YOU… IN ALL THE OLD FAMILIAR PLACES … there’s the Parish Center, Fr. Hugh, that you started and finished the construction some 35 years ago… and remember the “Buling-Buling,” the Francisfests, the fun-runs…
I’ll Be Seeing You by Fr. Antonio Ma. Rosales, OFM

…We had so many activities and programs, which were undertaken for the “first” time under his watch, like our first parish fiesta, the parish bulletin, congregational singing, forming of choirs, and new parish programs. There were a lot of well-meaning wet blankets, but Father Hugs would have none of that. He not only encouraged all comers, but also participated enthusiastically in planning, brainstorming, and attracting parishioners…
Fr. Hugh Zurat, O.F.M.: The Wind Beneath Our Wings by Winnie Monsod

…His biggest commitment was to Parish Renewal. He wanted to draw parishioners, particularly the young to become more involved. He made it both fun and meaningful to be active in Church. As my niece Caren says, he gave the youth a voice in the parish. He established the annual Flores de Mayo, which would give our children a chance to offer flowers to Mama Mary every day in May…
Tribute to Fr. Hugh by Vicky Chan


Fr. Hugh Zurat was the “spark.” He served the parish in the early 80’s. I was in my early twenties, trying to figure out my faith in a parish I grew up in… He was a young parish priest who wanted to make an impact in the faith journey of the parishioners from the most affluent part of the Philippines. The simplest “spark” was done when he introduced us to the Body of Christ. A concept that we learned in our catechism books but only experienced it in San Antonio through Fr. Hugh. The Parish Renewal Weekends led to so much activity in the parish – the spark became a flame, which is still burning today…
My Eulogy for Fr. Hugh by Jolly Gomez

In 1983, the Parish Renewal Experience Program was introduced to organize the married couples and adults of our parish. As an ordinary Church employee and as an insider-observer, I would say it was the most significant program that drew and motivated the parishioners to spiritual upliftment and parish involvement, which I encountered myself…
Remembering Fr. Hugh by Bernadette Andulte

In 1980, Fr. Hugh was Parish Priest. I am what I am in the Coro because of Fr. Hugh. He believed in me and allowed me to grow both musically and spiritually as he sat down with me to teach me how to plan the liturgy week after week.
One Easter vigil Mass, I decided to hire three trumpets to accompany us with the organ to sing the Hallelujah Chorus from Handel’s Messiah without telling Fr. Hugh. Right after the service, he said “From now on, there will be no Easter without trumpets!” Our singing graduated from the three trumpets to a 20-piece orchestra through time…
My Tribute To Fr. Hugh After His Death, On His Birthday, Oct. 19 by Amelita D. Guevara


Fr. Hugh started SYA and Antioch, but he didn’t stop there. He felt that our Church needed to plant the seed of faith earlier. So he, together with Toby Monsod and some other young adults and Antiochers, started Luke 18. If you read the Luke 18 manual, which is about 4 inches thick, you can see how much thought and effort they had put into it and the result, left probably the deepest imprint of God’s love in me, and hundreds and hundreds of kids thereafter, until today…
We love you, Fr. Hugh by Chips Guevara

…During those times, there was really not much to do in Manila and the kids didn’t really have a place to hang out, he welcomed us to church. Every day during summer the church grounds was filled with kids playing and it became our hang out. We were noisy and rowdy but you would never hear him complain or get mad at us even if it was past midnight. He would go out of his room and just smile and wave at us from the second floor and watch what we were doing. We would even stay in church until the early morning just hanging out…
Fr. Hugh by Mike Yuson



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