Hope in the Gospels
By Felicia Bernardino
(as told to Isa Bernardino Gutierrez)


What is Hope?

For many people, hope is the driving force that gets them through the day. Aspirations to enjoy a better life. Dreams of a more fulfilling career. Wishes for a love that will never end. Hope comes in many forms. We are different from one another, after all, so what brings us happiness will be just as varied.

Most of the time. If there’s one thing that nearly all of us are hoping for, it’s forgiveness and reconciliation. None of us are born perfect. We all have our failings, our moments of weakness. Those sins that we commit and carry with us for a long time. Even the strongest of us can falter from carrying such a great weight. And as such, we hope for forgiveness and reconciliation.

Where can we find this hope? One needs only to flip open their Bible or attend Mass to discover the answer. It’s in the name: “gospel.” According to WordOrigins.org, the word “gospel” has its roots in the Old English word “godspell,” itself a combination of “god (or good)” and “spell (or news).” In other words, “gospel” means “good news.” Read more from this week’s Parish Bulletin>>>>>





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