Veneration of the Youth Cross and
the Relic of St. John Paul II:
A Night of Friendship and Stories

Throughout this liturgical year, we have been celebrating the Year of the Youth, with the theme: “Filipino Youth in Mission: Beloved, Gifted, and Empowered.” In commemoration of this, the Pilgrim Youth Cross and the blood relic of St. John Paul II is being brought to different parishes for veneration.

Last September 28 and 29, SSAP had the honor of hosting the cross and the relic for one night at the Capilla chapels. A steady stream of parishioners came to venerate the cross and the relic throughout the evening and the following morning. While different ministries kept vigil in prayer, visitors came by and shared stories about St. John Paul II and their encounters with him in other parts of the world, especially during the World Youth Day in Manila in 1995. These stories, told by older members of the parish to the younger ones, show us how to this day, we are the “John Paul II generation” – a people ever-young, who are still called to “put out into the deep,” as the saint once exhorted us.

During the vigil, the Youth of San Antonio held a Youth Night—a space for parishioners, especially the youth – to have a quiet encounter with Jesus. Here, the YSA led the Welcome Rite for the Youth Cross and the Relic of St. John Paul II, with readings and prayers led by the Youth of San Antonio. Following this, we encountered Jesus on the Road to Emmaus through “Friendship and Stories,” a talk given by Javier Gomez, reflecting on the journey of friendship as experienced by St. John Paul II and by us, young people. Two members of the youth communities: Antonio Sison of Antioch, and Joaquin Parpan of Luke 18, also shared their experiences of friendship and of being transformed through the stories of our friends. The night ended with an hour of Eucharistic Adoration, with music led by members of the YSA. Confession was available throughout the evening as well.

In the spirit of friendship and stories, sharings from the young people of the parish were displayed in posters around the Capillas. In these sharings, the youth gave witness to how they are beloved in their families and youth communities, gifted by God with skills and talents, and empowered to respond to His mission.

We are truly grateful to the Archdiocese of Manila for giving our parish the opportunity to host the Youth Cross and the Relic of St. John Paul II. We also express our gratitude to the volunteers from the youth communities, our beloved priests, the staff of the parish for their assistance, and to the parishioners who came to the veneration. Read more from this week’s Parish Bulletin>>>>>


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