From the desk of the PPC President

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As we prepare for our Lenten journey, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the Ministries who participated in our Buling Buling and Ash Wednesday Activities. The Performances staged by our different ministries surpassed what they did before and their efforts gave us a truly enjoyable evening. Thank you also to our sponsors and all the food booths. Special thanks to the organizing committee especially Tina Teehankee, Girlie Sison and Suzette Gatmaitan without whom Buling Buling 2016 would not be possible.

The next 40 days gives us another chance to take stock, reflect, and more importantly pray. It gives us a chance to understand the centrality of prayer in our spiritual life, the soul of our apostolate.

Looking back to almost a decade of volunteering in our parish, I began to wonder where service for me began. It started with a prayer during Stations of the Cross on one of the Fridays of lent. It began with carrying the wooden cross in our parish trying to mimick what our Lord was forced to do .

With these weekly Lenten devotionals, my road in a prayerful life took different twists and turns but all throughout, a deeper prayerful life led to a greater degree in caring. What started out as simply praying and at a lost for the next steps slowly developed to a deeper sense of caring… caring for the people praying with me; caring for the ministries I soon joined, in music, lay ministry & lectoring; caring for the beautiful liturgies in our Church, its masses and devotionals and finally caring for our parish family.

With time this sense of caring continued to march forth realizing that our parish is not just here in our local community but is present in the lives of our scholars, the many sick children in PGH and in all other outreach ministries. It is this same sense that now drives what our worship committee will do this Lent.

We are all given another chance to start a prayerful life this lent…..

I hope all of us will take this opportunity and pray. With our prayer we begin to care.