From the desk of the PPC President

As we prepare for our Lenten journey, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the Ministries who participated in our Buling Buling and Ash Wednesday Activities. The Performances staged by our different ministries surpassed what they did before and their efforts gave us a truly enjoyable evening. Thank you also to ourContinue reading “From the desk of the PPC President”


A very Happy New Year to all of us! The Christmas season officially ends this weekend. As we embark on this new year and new Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) term, allow me to thank everyone who participated and organized all of our parish activities from Advent to Epiphany. The hard work of all our ministryContinue reading “FROM THE DESK OF THE PPC PRESIDENT, Edmund Lim, KHS”

Faith Sharing for Fiesta Novena Mass Day 4

We are featuring a series of nine Faith Sharing of Virtues of St. Anthony of Padua that were presented during the fiesta 9-day novena masses. This will temporarily replace the Sunday Gospel Reflections; after which the Gospel Reflections will return. Lost Article by Edmund Lim My Name is Edmund. Last October just right after theContinue reading “Faith Sharing for Fiesta Novena Mass Day 4”