A very Happy New Year to all of us! The Christmas season officially ends this weekend. As we embark on this new year and new Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) term, allow me to thank everyone who participated and organized all of our parish activities from Advent to Epiphany. The hard work of all our ministry heads and members gave our parish another beautiful Christmas season.

Looking forward, the PPC will have their planning day next week to set the goals and direction of the parish for the next two years. Specifically, we will explore 4 key areas where we can make our parish more meaningful in our lives.

Firstly, we hope to complete the current reorganization program our Parish priest, Fr Reu, had began last November with the help of the PPC Execom. This reorganization aims to strengthen our parish organization by improving coordination and cultivating new leaders/members in our different ministries.

Secondly, we seek to review and check the physical structure of our 63 year old church. This activity will continue to ensure the comfort of our parishioners while maintaining the upkeep of our facilities.

Thirdly, we will strive to develop new plans to enhance the stability of our parish’s long term financial well-being.

And finally, we will work closely with our Parish priest and pastoral team to stimulate spiritual growth and bonding in our community.

As we begin this process of discernment, we request for your continued prayers and understanding. Our goals will only become achievable with your help and God’s Grace. Our whole team is elated to serve and we look forward to a year of compassion and mercy.