Finding Joy in Celebrating Christmas with my Parish Community by Johan Ferrer

I always look forward to our Parish events, such as the Buling-Buling, Easter and the Parish Fiesta, and most especially the Christmas Activities. Aside from the Misa de Gallo and the parties, there are also recollections, outreach programs, and the many ways of giving by the different ministries.

I attended the PGH Ministry’s gift-giving on November 25 with members of SYA, Luke 18, and some Volunteers. I felt sad for the young patients and their families there at the ward, but I believe that the prayers for them, the games played by them, the giveaways, and the performances made them look past their problems even for those few hours that we were there with them.

There was a young girl that I saw in an isolation room seated at the top of her bed, her mom close by watching over her, and this girl looked quite bothered. I then noticed that behind her, also sitting up, was a ‘Jollibee’ stuffed toy. I pointed to it and mouthed its name to her while smiling and waving. This made her wave back and smile.

I remembered that I was also performing a Corporal Work of Mercy, Visiting the Sick, and a Spiritual Work of Mercy, which is Comforting the Afflicted. Furthermore, I realized that the problems I delve on are nothing compared to those that these young patients and their families have; that I should live my life with more gratitude and giving. It also makes me appreciate more the tireless jobs of the doctors, nurses, and staff in PGH and similar instutions.

I find joy in celebrating Christmas with my faith family and our parish community, but I find the most joy in giving to those in need.