A Letter from the Editor

Gifted to Give: Talent

Mid June at 9:20 p.m., after waking up from a nap which is rare — I do not take naps and surely not before turning down for the night — I checked on my e-mails and saw the interaction between our Photo Editor Jojo and our Assistant Editor Mara regarding the resolution of a photo which had been approved by Jojo after another effort of Mara’s by sending via “telegram.”

It put a smile to my face how blessed I was to be part of this wonderful, wonderful group of people, our little PB family, where every single person is hardworking and every single person has no ulterior motive but to serve, to glorify God, to lead souls closer to Him and yes, use the Gifts the Master has given. And what a treasure trove of Gifts we have here!

It makes me smile also that amidst the varying differences in age, we all respect each other’s work and what each one brings to the table. If you think the PB is enjoyable and has a positive effect on you, it is but a reflection of the love and camaraderie we share here.

But alas, a group of talented people will always have movement — and as happy as we are working together, and as selfish as we would want everyone to just stay together — we must let go when one needs to journey towards a new endeavor.

Our Assistant Editor Mara Eala, who’s like a younger sister to me (not daughter but could be, haha) is moving to the States to pursue her dreams and further studies in Harvard. When she first told me about it back in April, my first thought was how proud and happy I was for her and though bittersweet to lose such a talented member of the PB team, I know she will always belong to us.

Cesar Inducil, our ex-seminarian, ex-Assistant Editor who also left start of the year is still part of our team as a Contributing Writer. I am so proud that he has found a job in Canada as a member of the Netflix series, “Lost Ollie,” based on the children’s book “Ollie’s Odyssey” — how cool is that?

Our youngest, just-turned-18 Illustrator Hannah Fernandez also graduated from high school plus just celebrated her birthday a few months ago — which just made us an all-adult team now! Her zest and professionalism at such a young age makes me think that youth is not wasted on the young.

Our loyal and adept Assistant Editors Clar Gomez, Mica Madrigal and Ninee Pascual are all busy with their own outside work and businesses but still take time to continue
serving the Parish joyfully through the PB, giving us wonderful contributions and contributors week after week.

Alex Arcenas our Eco Tips Illustrator, whom I’ve never met in person, I have to thank, for her cool illustrations which she submits week after week.

And of course our esteemed Photo Editor Jojo Guingona, who is such an integral part of the team, always makes sure we bring to you meticulously edited photos, so please give us good ones, and hi-res, please!

Our “Tito” Monet, the Lead Assistant Editor who is my sounding board and who edits my edits but at 80 years old and a retired Army general and with so many honors
under his belt, never argues with me if I do not want to take his advice (I normally do). This ex-Special Forces paratrooper always tells me, “You are the Boss.” He’s been not only a father figure but also a best friend with whom I chat for hours when the going gets tough or I just need a wise human to talk to with a wicked sense of humor.

And last but not least, PB’s Art Director Caren Tordesillas who is really like a younger sister to me and who is one of the people I talk to almost everyday, change that, we message every day. Whether it’s PB business, her home bakery business, or just the business called life. Always kind, present and always in good spirits, we are each
other’s sounding board. And how amazing was the recently concluded Fiesta, wherein she played a huge part?

Of course, our ever reliable Contributors – Tita Peachy Maramba, Lianne Tiu, Fr. Robert Manansala and Tita Conchitina, they’re our extended family.

What would PB be without this group of brilliant, amazing people?

When I was asked to lead the Parish Bulletin at the start of last year, just a week before the pandemic, I did not know what to expect, I usually try not to. But I already knew I would change the look of the PB and its direction without an inkling how it would be — working with this group of people. I remember I immediately invited them to my house and the rest they say is history; we have not only formed a bond with a similar cause but we have also formed a real family in PB, being each other’s cheerleaders and supporters. When I thought I would change the Parish Bulletin, it actually changed my life!

This Editorial letter was not part of the original plan for this issue but a prompting made me just continue typing the emotions brewing out of sheer joy to be part of this magnificent group. We just had a meeting last night and PB meetings are run so efficiently, we are done with the brainstorming of the monthly issue in less than an hour but after business, we stayed on, just chatting, laughing and telling each other’s life stories.

Because of the team’s efficiency, we can always mix business with pleasure!
May the Holy Spirit, Who is our Guide and Light, continue to direct and inspire us.
To my team, you guys are truly the best! May we continue to bring the best in each of us as we glorify God so we can lead His children even closer to Him.

Enjoy the issue!