PGH Artist Awarding of Prizes

The winners of our September PGH Artist contest, where they depicted “Mama Mary in My Life” as a way to honor Mama Mary during her birth month, were Judellen Naparate and Rhia Marie Ruiz, elementary students of Silahis ng Kalusugan, and Jenny Contreras and Sherllan Mamiit, patients from the pedia wards. Unfortunately, Judellen was absent from school since she hasn’t been feeling well. Sherllan was also unavailable as they live in San Pablo, Laguna and it would have been a long commute for them just to get their prize. A parent representative received the prize for Judellen while we sent the prize to Jenny and her family.

Rhia and Jenny were very excited to receive their prizes as it included: 2 tickets to Kinder Zoo in Manila Zoo (which would allow them to go up close and pet the animals and join the activities) and 2 burger meals with fries and unlimited drinks to Wham Burger in Robinsons Place.

Though a simple prize, they are looking forward to enjoying it together and doing it as a family activity. It’s always very heartwarming to see how much joy you can give to them just by simple gestures like these and which they are very thankful and appreciative of.

Thank you to all the patients and students who took part in this activity/contest. We loved all your works and it was very hard to have to choose winners among you.

Thanks, as well, to all of you who helped in choosing our winners by voting/liking the pictures of the artworks.

Looking forward to seeing pictures of their Kinder Zoo trip! 🙂