HCM holds Seminar on Stem Cell Therapy in Retinal Diseases and Age-related Eyes Diseases

HCMThe Health Care Ministry held a half-day seminar on Stem Cell Therapy in Retinal Diseases and Agerelated Eyes Diseases with free eye check-up and cataract screening for all attendees last Sept. 21 at the St. Bonaventure Room from 8:30 to 12:00 noon. The Pacific Eye and Laser Institute sent their 11-man team, including two of their top eye specialists, Dr.Pik Sha Chan-Uy, MD, who is the first graduate of the Pediatrics and Strabismus Program from the MEE Infirmary of the Harvard Medical School, and Dr. Franz Marie O. Cruz, MD, the first Filipina to finish the Neuro-Ophthalmology Program from the Wilmer Eye Institute of the Johns Hopkins Hospital.

They shared valuable information on Glaucoma , Cataract and other eye diseases, their prevention and mitigation and other topics related to eye care. They also gave away free pouch bags with eye drops from Alcon Laboratories, Inc.

By Chuchi Quevedo