SYA Celebrates Halloween in the PGH Pediatrics Wards By Ruby Palma

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The PGH Halloween party last November 15 was the first outreach program that I joined with SYA (Single Young Adults). When I learned about it, I readily volunteered since I knew I’ll be free that weekend. It had been a while since I joined any outreach event. I have been involved in different outreach/volunteer programs in school before and currently at work. I thought this would be the same as what I’m used to do. I guess I was wrong.

I was never comfortable being in a hospital. I had this uneasy feeling entering the Pediatric Wards. It was my first time to enter a charity pediatric in a hospital and I wasn’t prepared to see babies/kids who were sick. I felt they are too young to be sick and suffering. I didn’t know how to react or behave in front of everyone. I was a bit aloof at the start, just observing what my co-SYA-ers were doing and just following whatever instructions were given. I was hesitant to interact with them.

I finally warmed up when the Jollibee mascot went out and performed for the kids. I knew how excited and happy the kids would be seeing Jollibee. I took out my Polaroid camera and took photos of the kids with the Jollibee mascot. Everyone was excited to have their pictures taken. I’m just glad I was able to give them a souvenir of the party.

Taking part in this activity reminded me to always be thankful for what I have now. I feel blessed that I am given an opportunity to be part of this group and share my time and my blessings. It’s truly a heartwarming experience. As one mother told me, “Nakakatuwa naman, kahit papano, nakakalimutan mo yung lungkot”