PGH TOY GIVING by Sabrina Soriano

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The Hospital Ministry visits the various hospitals it supports on a weekly basis to give medicines to the patients. This past week though, we were blessed by a kind family that donated toys that were gifts for their child’s birthday. They also added toys that their daughter didn’t use anymore so that other kids could use and enjoy them. Though the medicines are much needed to ensure their recovery from their illnesses/infections, you could really see the kids’ faces light up when they received a toy. One of those kids (the cute little boy sitting on the wooden cart) was actually abandoned by his parents after bringing him to the hospital for treatment. Despite his situation, receiving a toy made him break out into a huge smile!

So nice to be able to help them, not just with their medical needs, but also to bring smiles to their faces. Thanks so much Pia Lacerna and family for this!

If you have old toys, books, school bags and supplies that you can spare, to give and to share, I hope you can consider donating them to our Hospital Ministry (you can look for Nimfa Dumago at the parish office). Such a small gesture means a lot to these charity patients. Their big smiles are proof this.

Please also support our upcoming Francisfest fundraising this first week of October. We have a slew of activities lined up for all of you.