Parish Bulletin Supplemental Articles

RANDOM THOUGHTS Voices from yesterday and today . . . Little Known Facts About St. Francis by Peachy MarambaPART 5 Coming Home Poor Francis, though still a young man (in his early forties) his “brother body” (as he fondly referred to his physical person) was worn out. Having a naturally frail constitution since his youthContinue reading “Parish Bulletin Supplemental Articles”

“Because God Loves, He Suffers,” by Fr. Robert Manansala, OFM

The yearly commemoration of the Holy Week, of the Passion and Death of Jesus leading to his Resurrection, starts with the commemoration of his pilgrim journey or entrance into Jerusalem. According to Pope Benedict XVI (Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, Jesus of Nazareth, Part II), Jesus’ pilgrim journey from Galilee to Jerusalem is an “ascent” in bothContinue reading ““Because God Loves, He Suffers,” by Fr. Robert Manansala, OFM”

Hallelujah by Fr. John Muscat, OFM

The greatest joy we can have is to encounter the living Lord and to know him personally. Early Sunday morning the women went to the tomb to pay their last tribute to a dead body. The disciples thought that everything had ended in tragedy. No one was ready to see an empty tomb and hearContinue reading “Hallelujah by Fr. John Muscat, OFM”

“ Child, your sins are forgiven” by Fr. Jesus

Today’s gospel discloses something more about Jesus: he is not only a healer of bodies; he is the “Son of Man, “with power to heal the soul. If a person who knows nothing about Jesus Christ read the gospels of the last four Sundays, he would most probably think that Jesus was a doctor orContinue reading ““ Child, your sins are forgiven” by Fr. Jesus”

“Discipleship is Following Jesus on the Way of the Cross ( Mk 8: 27-35)” by Fr. Joel

The prophet Isaiah tells us that a true follower of God is a servant. A servant is a son or a daughter of God who works in accord to His ways. The context of the gospel this Sunday is on the thematic teaching of Jesus on his suffering through the way of the cross. ItContinue reading ““Discipleship is Following Jesus on the Way of the Cross ( Mk 8: 27-35)” by Fr. Joel”

“Give Us This Bread Always” by Fr. Jesus

They were looking for him, not because of their faith and love for him but because he fed them. (We might pause right here for a while to reflect on our own motivation in following Jesus, in coming to mass, in joining church activities, etc.) For five consecutive Sundays, we will be reading almost inContinue reading ““Give Us This Bread Always” by Fr. Jesus”

Parables of the Two Seeds by Fr. Greg Redoblado, OFM

Everything belongs to God, “the giver of growth and the sole determiner of the time for harvest.” We have two seed parables in our Gospel today. The first is about the seed growing secretly and the second is about the mustard seed, a tiny seed that can grow big. Both are parables that speak toContinue reading “Parables of the Two Seeds by Fr. Greg Redoblado, OFM”

Ephphatah! by Fr. Greg Redoblado, OFM

God’s love is open to all, so that even the deaf may be able to hear his words and then proclaim aloud his deeds of healing and compassion. Allow me just to dwell on the following observations on some interesting details in the Gospel-story of the healing of the deaf-mute man. From these observations, weContinue reading “Ephphatah! by Fr. Greg Redoblado, OFM”

“Good Shepherd Sunday” Fr. Joel

We are celebrating the life of Jesus, His being the Good Shepherd for all of us …. we are celebrating as well His great invitation on how we can truly imitate Him. Why are we celebrating Good Shepherd Sunday? What are we really celebrating? What makes Jesus a good shepherd for all of us? GoodContinue reading ““Good Shepherd Sunday” Fr. Joel”