“Good Shepherd Sunday” Fr. Joel

We are celebrating the life of Jesus, His being the Good Shepherd for all of us …. we are celebrating as well His great invitation on how we can truly imitate Him.

Why are we celebrating Good Shepherd Sunday? What are we really celebrating? What makes Jesus a good shepherd for all of us?

Good Shepherd Sunday is a reminder for all of us of the distinct character of the shepherd whose exceptional life is of great value in enhancing to others. He is not too preoccupied inwardly about Himself. He busied His life in total surrender to the will of the Father, doing the great task of giving more, and more, leaving nothing for Himself. He is more after the blessings of the Father for others, thus, He spends most of His time guiding people through His parables, continuously sharing His being a gift to the world.

What are we celebrating in our communities this Sunday? We are celebrating the life of Jesus, His being the Good Shepherd for all of us. We are also celebrating His great invitation on how we can truly imitate Him. But how has He been as a Shepherd for all of us?

First. His way of love. He showed us His sacrificial love. He laid down His life for all of us. He stretched out His hands and showed how much more He is willing to sacrifice. Even in His Resurrection and Ascencion, He wants His spirit of love felt by all!He wants men to live this way of life, promoted to the well-being of others. Jesus’ love being communicated to the family begets in itself a transforming power that, even changes in the course of our life can never withstand that spirit of love.

Is our way of loving others patterned after the Good Shepherd?

Second. His way of life Jesus’ ministry speaks for itself that “giving life” has been His mantra wherever He goes and whenever He performs His ministry. He goes against those that contradict life. He confronts those who oppose and violate life. He is a hardline advocate and promoter of life. He brings in respect and honor for life. It is in Him that life springs forth.

Is our way of life patterned after His?

Third. His obedience to the Father. Jesus wholeheartedly followed the will of the Father for Him. As an obedient son, He remained focused on the instructions of the Father. It was engraved in His heart. Jesus professed His loyalty to the Father, thus, even the last moment of His life, He commended His spirit to the Father. When He died in Calvary, He submitted His being to the Father. And He continues to manifest His presence to us through the sacraments.

Are we obedient to the will of the Father?

As we celebrate this Good Shepherd Sunday, we pray that our communities, especially our families, will continue to show love and respect for life, freely and gratuitously given to us by God. We pray that may the younger generation learn to love, appreciate life and develop the spirit of obedience to the will of God. We pray that they may blossom to become like the Good Shepherd. As we celebrate the spirit of the Good Shepherd also, may the springing-forth of life, the concrete manifestation of God’s love and the proceeding-forth obedience to the Father inspire all our lives to make ourselves like the Good Shepherd.

published on April 29, 2012, Parish Bulletin