“The Power of God’s Word” by Fr. Greg Redoblado, OFM

The Church would like us to focus our attention on the Bible, God’s very word, and to examine ourselves and see if we are truly concerned with fostering an encounter with Christ. In our Gospel this Sunday, Mark relates that people were astonished at Jesus’s teaching because he taught them with authority. The rabbis andContinue reading ““The Power of God’s Word” by Fr. Greg Redoblado, OFM”

Parables of the Two Seeds by Fr. Greg Redoblado, OFM

Everything belongs to God, “the giver of growth and the sole determiner of the time for harvest.” We have two seed parables in our Gospel today. The first is about the seed growing secretly and the second is about the mustard seed, a tiny seed that can grow big. Both are parables that speak toContinue reading “Parables of the Two Seeds by Fr. Greg Redoblado, OFM”

Ephphatah! by Fr. Greg Redoblado, OFM

God’s love is open to all, so that even the deaf may be able to hear his words and then proclaim aloud his deeds of healing and compassion. Allow me just to dwell on the following observations on some interesting details in the Gospel-story of the healing of the deaf-mute man. From these observations, weContinue reading “Ephphatah! by Fr. Greg Redoblado, OFM”