“Stay awake… Be prepared” by Fr. Jesus Galindo, OFM

“Prepare the way of the Lord.” The way of the Lord is none other than our way of life. As early as September 1, there were Christmas carols being played on radio. The department stores began to display Christmas cards, trees, lights, and all sorts of Christmas décor. Now comes the Church liturgy and announcesContinue reading ““Stay awake… Be prepared” by Fr. Jesus Galindo, OFM”

“Your Faith Has Saved You” by Fr. Jesus

What the gospel wants to tell us is that Jesus loves the sinner’s humility and repentance, while he detests the pride of the self-righteous. During this Year of Faith, which is well into its second half, it might have been a good spiritual exercise to take up, on Sundays, gospel passages in which faith isContinue reading ““Your Faith Has Saved You” by Fr. Jesus”

“ Child, your sins are forgiven” by Fr. Jesus

Today’s gospel discloses something more about Jesus: he is not only a healer of bodies; he is the “Son of Man, “with power to heal the soul. If a person who knows nothing about Jesus Christ read the gospels of the last four Sundays, he would most probably think that Jesus was a doctor orContinue reading ““ Child, your sins are forgiven” by Fr. Jesus”

“Give Us This Bread Always” by Fr. Jesus

They were looking for him, not because of their faith and love for him but because he fed them. (We might pause right here for a while to reflect on our own motivation in following Jesus, in coming to mass, in joining church activities, etc.) For five consecutive Sundays, we will be reading almost inContinue reading ““Give Us This Bread Always” by Fr. Jesus”