“Wealth or Kingdom?(Mk 10:17-30)” by Fr. Joel

…a disciple who followed him will receive a hundredfold as much; houses and brothers and sisters and mothers and children, and lands, along with persecutions, and in the age to come, life everlasting (v.30). The rewards mentioned by Jesus are a “great reversal” of the sacrifices and sufferings a disciple will endure for a moment,Continue reading ““Wealth or Kingdom?(Mk 10:17-30)” by Fr. Joel”

“Give Us This Bread Always” by Fr. Jesus

They were looking for him, not because of their faith and love for him but because he fed them. (We might pause right here for a while to reflect on our own motivation in following Jesus, in coming to mass, in joining church activities, etc.) For five consecutive Sundays, we will be reading almost inContinue reading ““Give Us This Bread Always” by Fr. Jesus”

“Honoring God with the Heart”, by Fr. Jesus

In today’s gospel, Jesus argues with the Pharisees and the scribes, inviting them to look beyond the letter of the law and to discover the spirit of the law. He explains to them, and to us too, that true religion does not consist in the mere performance of external rituals and external cleanliness; rather itContinue reading ““Honoring God with the Heart”, by Fr. Jesus”

“Lord, to Whom Shall We Go? You have the Words of Eternal Life”, by Fr. John

A true Christian, who realizes and appreciates what the Son of God has done and is still doing for him, will try always to make himself less unworthy, for not even the greatest saint was worthy to partake of this act of divine love. Last Sunday we read of the murmurs of objection among theContinue reading ““Lord, to Whom Shall We Go? You have the Words of Eternal Life”, by Fr. John”

“This is my blood of the covenant”, by Fr. Jesus

The New Testament covenant, ratified by the blood of Christ, is eternal because Christ is eternally faithful to it by doing the will of the Father to the end. The feast of Corpus Christi is like an extension of the Holy Thursday celebration when our Lord instituted the sacrament of the Holy Eucharist during theContinue reading ““This is my blood of the covenant”, by Fr. Jesus”

“Pentecost Sunday”, by Fr. Joel

Pentecost is the feast of the Spirit manifesting within the people the will of God. This is a Jewish feast fifty days after Passover. St. Luke recalled in the Acts of the Apostles the outpouring of the Holy Spirit (2:4). The large crowd that was gathered during the feast were confused and amazed how theContinue reading ““Pentecost Sunday”, by Fr. Joel”

“Good Shepherd Sunday” Fr. Joel

We are celebrating the life of Jesus, His being the Good Shepherd for all of us …. we are celebrating as well His great invitation on how we can truly imitate Him. Why are we celebrating Good Shepherd Sunday? What are we really celebrating? What makes Jesus a good shepherd for all of us? GoodContinue reading ““Good Shepherd Sunday” Fr. Joel”

“The First Fruits of the Resurrection”, by Fr. Jesus

…peace …mission …Holy Spirit …forgiveness and …faith That’s how today’s gospel (In 20: 19-31) might be titled. Jesus gives to his disciples, and to all of us, the first and choicest fruits of his passion, death and resurrection. First, he offers peace. Not once, not twice, but three times he greets his disciples with “PeaceContinue reading ““The First Fruits of the Resurrection”, by Fr. Jesus”

“God so loved the world…” by Fr. Greg Redoblado, OFM

Pagans cannot accept a weak and powerless God. However it is Good News to us because He is not an indifferent and distant God. A God who is not only close to us but also who truly suffers with us. I love this kind of God! God is truly regal and glorious in his cross.Continue reading ““God so loved the world…” by Fr. Greg Redoblado, OFM”

“God so loved the world…” by Fr. Jesus

Love is measured by its cost, that is, by how much we are willing to sacrifice. The fourth Sunday of Lent has a festive character. It comes as a break in the Lenten penitential mood: “Rejoice, Jerusalem! Be glad for her!” exclaims the entrance antiphon. Some of us, many perhaps, will say: What good reasonContinue reading ““God so loved the world…” by Fr. Jesus”