“Makati City Jail – Master Chef Season 3” by Alli Raval

Last February 22, 2014, Prison Ministry held an event MASTER CHEF SEASON 3 in Makati City Jail. This event is the most anticipated activity by the residents and the Single Young Adults (SYA) as well. We have been doing this for three years now and the residents want another one next year. This activity giveContinue reading ““Makati City Jail – Master Chef Season 3” by Alli Raval”

Kristiyanong Mamamayan

The SSAP JPIC Scholarship Program is most appreciative and thankful to Jolly Gomez, Alli Raval, SYA member and Chair, JPIC Prison Ministry, and the Single Young Adults, for partnering with us and helping to deepen the faith of our JPIC scholars, thus enabling them to become better Kristiyanong Mamamayan. Their youthful presence and energetic participationContinue reading “Kristiyanong Mamamayan”


Last May 30, 2014, we had the Santa Cruzan in Makati City Jail. 40 Residents joined the procession dressed in beautiful gowns and barongs donated by our parishioners. They all looked so different . . . not wearing their usual yellow shirts with BJMP stamped on them. They have smiles on their faces, looking proudContinue reading ““SANTA CRUZAN IN MAKATI CITY JAIL” by Alli Raval”

“Being Called to God’s Mission” by Maevie Ortiz

Every Friday night young adults like me would just like to relax, grab a drink and rant about epic failures of the week. Normally, after these Friday night-outs with friends, I would extend my sleep the next day. But when asked by one of my friends, what my agenda will be this Saturday…I proudly saidContinue reading ““Being Called to God’s Mission” by Maevie Ortiz”

“Christmas at the Makati City Jail” by Jolly Gomez

The Single Young Adults and the JPIC Prison Ministry held their annual Christmas gift giving activity with 600 male and female inmates at the Makati City Jail. The activity started with a mass officiated by Fr. Joel Sulse OFM and attended by SYA members together with PPC President Jayme Blanco. During the homily of theContinue reading ““Christmas at the Makati City Jail” by Jolly Gomez”