On the 1st Saturday of December, December 6, 2014, the SSAP-JPIC Scholarship Program will have its Annual Christmas Party / Graduation and Homecoming – Reunion exclusively for JPIC Scholars, past and present, in the Parish Center.

This is an event which scholars look forward to with much excitement! They don their best garments and shoes, socialize with the other scholars in an informal setting, allow their creativity and talents in song and dance numbers to shine through in the spirit of friendly competition, throw inhibitions to the winds by joining fun games to win prizes galore.

Through this once a year affair, the SSAP-JPIC Program Committee members would want them to have an unforgettable experience of their youth. Yes, they can be carefree and frivolous too.

We need your help! We will have a simple Christmas fare, but the trimmings that go with the party shall come from you. We appeal to our parishioners and churchgoers to please send us your gifts c/o Mrs. Jackie Macasias, JPIC Socio Pastoral Worker in the Parish Office.

If you have a yearly Christmas sharing list for the less fortunate, why not include our JPIC scholars in your list and do your own personal shopping?

Here are some gift suggestions:
1. Your “White Elephant” such as unused clothes, shoes, t-shirts, belts, towels, toiletries, accessories, bags, etc.
2. For our refrigeration/aircon/appliance repair vocational students, how about your extra carpentry/electrical repair tool kits?
3. For our Culinary Arts students, check your kitchen cabinet storage for unused pots and pans, baking paraphernalia, cooking/baking utensils.
4. Corporate give-aways such as umbrellas, school supplies, alarm clocks, etc.
5. Books

We do not ask much but much is expected from those who have more in life. Years from now, our scholars will be in different places of employment, even overseas. Wherever they will be, they will remember the warmth they felt at the Christmas Party tendered in their honor, where they felt your love and care. We can only wish them a great future, and through your prayers, rewarding employment opportunities made possible by the scholarship you have so kindly extended.
Please send your gifts soonest!

SSAP JPIC Scho. Prog. Comm. / Jean Chavez