“Makati City Jail – Master Chef Season 3” by Alli Raval

Last February 22, 2014, Prison Ministry held an event MASTER CHEF SEASON 3 in Makati City Jail. This event is the most anticipated activity by the residents and the Single Young Adults (SYA) as well. We have been doing this for three years now and the residents want another one next year. This activity give the residents a sense of freedom . . . choosing their own ingredients, cooking their specialty dishes and sharing it with their cell mates. They are very competitive with the choice of dish and even the presentation. The top 3 winners were given cash prizes and all of the participants – 5 residents per cell representing the 12 cells were given food and toiletry items as well. It was one fun and exciting Saturday for all of us. Tiring yet fulfilling.

The Prison Ministry has many activities lined up for MCJ residents such as Lenten Recollection, Santa Cruzan, Barrio Fiesta, Film Showing, Sportsfest, Medical and Dental Mission and Christmas gift giving. We also have Catechism classes for them every Monday. It has been a challenge for us earlier on looking for Catechists and “Biyaya” to give them after every lesson and after every activity, but God provides. In behalf of the Prison Ministry, we would like to thank you, our dear Parishioners for your donations that support this program. We look forward to be with you in our activities.