“BRINGING THE FIESTA IN TAGUIG CITY JAIL” By Alli Raval – Prison Ministry Head

The Prison Ministry together with Fr. Reu Galoy, the SYA Volunteers and JPIC Scholars brought the fiesta to Taguig City Jail by having a “Master Chef” cooking challenge last May 30, 2015. For one day, inmates bring back happy memories of cooking for their loved ones. A total of 400 kilos of vegetables, 120 chickens,Continue reading ““BRINGING THE FIESTA IN TAGUIG CITY JAIL” By Alli Raval – Prison Ministry Head”

Jail Time by Marco Joson Merencillo

It was gloomy today as I got near the huge gray gates surrounded by equally tall walls. This barrier was well built to contain the people inside. Then as the steel doors opened, guards clad in black clothes stopped me for inspection. Upon getting clearance to move on, I walked a little further and IContinue reading “Jail Time by Marco Joson Merencillo”

“Being Called to God’s Mission” by Maevie Ortiz

Every Friday night young adults like me would just like to relax, grab a drink and rant about epic failures of the week. Normally, after these Friday night-outs with friends, I would extend my sleep the next day. But when asked by one of my friends, what my agenda will be this Saturday…I proudly saidContinue reading ““Being Called to God’s Mission” by Maevie Ortiz”

“I was in prison and you visited me…” Matthew 25:37

This Sunday is the end of National Correctional Consciousness (NACOCO) Week a national celebration held in correctional institutions across the country. For one week, the inmates through their supporters hold activities among themselves and for their families and friends. In our parish the Prison Ministry would like to take this opportunity to share with youContinue reading ““I was in prison and you visited me…” Matthew 25:37”