A Special Message from Fr. Joel Sulse, OFM

“I am deeply honored and humbly touched by the support and love accorded to me by you, my beloved parishioners. Day and night I asked the Lord for the graces you need; and I am convinced that God heard my voice and supplications for all of you. You have shaped my life as a Franciscan religious. You have been my teacher like Jesus. It was all of you who developed the likes of being a pastor in me. For all these, I am grateful to all of you, to Sts. Anthony and Francis, and to the Lord forever. I will be staying in Rome for three years to pursue a course on Spiritual Theology focused on Franciscan Spirituality. I’m doing this in obedience to the mandate given me by the Minister Provincial and his Council through the recommendation of our Formation Council. Following the will of the Holy Spirit for me, I am pursuing this because it is needed by our congregation. May the Lord bless me and keep me. Please pray for me. My prayers remain for all of you. God bless you for all the generosity and support you have showered the parish during my stint. Please extend the same love and support to the Pastoral Team and to our Franciscan Province, in general. Till we meet again! Happy Easter to all!”