“Easter Message 2014”, by Fr. Reu Galoy, OFM

Easter after Easter we hear of the celebration of new life, of the joy of being forgiven and redeemed, of our Lord Jesus rising from the dead, of suffering turning into glory. Life has the last word over death, joy over pain, forgiveness over sin. But as the stone is rolled and the tomb is exposed and we see that it is empty – we, the followers of Him who traced the journey from the upper room to the garden and to Golgotha and now the tomb ask – where is our Lord?

Where is our Lord Jesus? Where can he be found?
“He is not here … in the tomb.” In a few days we will also hear it said, “Do not look for Him among the dead, he is not here.” Jesus is alive, is among the living, is out there! Jesus has changed location – from the tomb, from a place of darkness and coldness to a place where there is warmth and light. Jesus is in every place where there are compassionate hearts. This is the place that transforms suffering, sin and pain. This is the new place where Jesus can be found.

Jesus comes out to share, once more, the gift of salvation and the grace of fullness of life. He instructs the two Mary(s) to go and tell this good news to others. And to those who will believe he will meet them in the Galilee of their lives.

What is the challenge of the resurrection for us today? Or better still, what is it for us to be a forgiven people and an Easter community? What actions speak of keeping the memory of the Savior alive? How can we let others, especially those who are still in places of darkness and coldness, in the tombs of poverty and despair, join us to sing alleluia and jump for joy at the gift of a new and full life? How can we live Jesus’ parting words at the last supper – “Do this in memory of me?”

May Easter joy be a gift shared with others, not a possession kept to our selves!


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