All Set for a Lifetime of Mercy and Compassion, By Gel Litton Falcon

After having known each other for 18 years, it was assumed by many that we knew everything about each other. But Alex and I really find that despite years of friendship, it was only since our wedding day on January 24 this year that our “true” comfortable selves surfaced. It was truly a turning pointContinue reading “All Set for a Lifetime of Mercy and Compassion, By Gel Litton Falcon”

SSAP Pre-Cana

After months of research, training, formation and preparation, Family Life Ministry launched SSAP’s own Pre-Cana Program on November 7, 2015. A team of facilitators, composed of married couples Ian and Tricia Monsod, Simon and Rina Villalon, Rocky and Yen Chan, Jaime and Karen Blanco, Mike and Monette Gomez, Doy and Jeannie Bitanga, take turns presentingContinue reading “SSAP Pre-Cana”

Parish Gears up for Pre-Cana Program By Mike Gomez

Engaged couples scheduled to join hands and hearts in Holy Matrimony at Santuario de San Antonio shall soon be able to undergo their Marriage Preparation (Pre-Cana) seminar with the Family and Life Ministry of the Parish. The Ministry, co-chaired by Doy and Jeannie Bitanga and Jaime and Karen Blanco, is preparing seminar modules based onContinue reading “Parish Gears up for Pre-Cana Program By Mike Gomez”