Suicide Notes By Letty Jacinto-Lopez Originally published by Philippine Star

Robin Williams, who played the role of Genie in Aladdin, died by suicide on August 11, 2014 The story of Anastasia: The daily news bared all the painful details of her death. She drank turpentine. It didn’t work. She slashed her wrist but the blade was not sharp enough to completely sever the veins. SheContinue reading “Suicide Notes By Letty Jacinto-Lopez Originally published by Philippine Star

“Francisfest 2013: Music of the Heart, Grateful and True” by Letty Jacinto-Lopez‏

The heavy, massive doors were flung open and I stepped inside a chamber with billowing smoke gathering under my heels. Tina Teehankee broke my gaze, “Letty, do you know where you are seated?” Standing a few steps away, Randy Limjoco, chairman of Francisfest 2013, greeted each parishioner who came to watch the show. When IContinue reading ““Francisfest 2013: Music of the Heart, Grateful and True” by Letty Jacinto-Lopez‏”

“Building at Sixty”, by Letty Jacinto-Lopez

In 1951, on the far, distant side of a flourishing, booming town, a flurry of activities was reaching fever pitch. A family of landowners was laying down the cornerstone of what would become a place of worship to answer the spiritual needs and concerns of a new, emerging community. The family came from the clanContinue reading ““Building at Sixty”, by Letty Jacinto-Lopez”

“Faith Etched in Wood” by Letty Jacinto-Lopez

My friend, Rebecca Agoncillo, was well into the late second half of a wonderful, fulfilling, independent and charmed life when she sprang a surprise on me – she got engaged!  Another shock followed.  “For my wedding gift, I want a face of Christ carved by the master artists at Talleres de Maximo Vicente, ” she cajoled. I didn’t have the heartContinue reading ““Faith Etched in Wood” by Letty Jacinto-Lopez”

“Send Me No Flowers”, by Letty Jacinto-Lopez

Three men I knew passed away within the same month that left me believing the old folk superstition that “bad things come in threes.” It was spot on. All three suffered from lingering illnesses that were inoperable, that restricted their mobility and their capacity to communicate while their bodies steadily deteriorated. I saw the effectsContinue reading ““Send Me No Flowers”, by Letty Jacinto-Lopez”

“Ode to Forgetfullness”, Letty Jacinto-Lopez

Our senior bunch still plays and listens to Beatles music so you can imagine how I laughed like a drain to find a 2-minute YouTube music video on forgetfulness sang by an elderly looking bloke, MackDry Den, not sure whether this is his real name. He sang it to the tune of the Beatles’ DoContinue reading ““Ode to Forgetfullness”, Letty Jacinto-Lopez”

“Touched by Padre Pio’s Guardian Angel”, by Letty Jacinto-Lopez

It was 1965. My brother and sister-in-law (“sis” for short) had wanted to have a baby in the first five years of their married life but all attempts failed. Anxious and getting desperate, my sis agreed to travel to a then-sleepy town called San Giovanni Rotondo — about a five-hour drive from Rome, Italy —Continue reading ““Touched by Padre Pio’s Guardian Angel”, by Letty Jacinto-Lopez”

“The Dignity of Death”, by Letty Jacinto-Lopez

It was one of those “when-women-lunch” affairs that brought together old and new friends alike. I saw an old acquaintance from school, Nini Valdez, so I waved at her and she approached my table. “Ay naku Letty, what’s happening to your batch? So many are dropping like flies!” I grinned sheepishly. It surely felt thatContinue reading ““The Dignity of Death”, by Letty Jacinto-Lopez”

“Congress on Liturgical Renewal”, by Letty Jacinto-Lopez

Dateline: SM Arena, May 18, 2013. Getting up with the pigeons was not easy but then eight thousand other sleepyheads did it to be at the liturgical Congress organized by the Archdiocese of Manila with the theme, Faith Celebrated and Lived. There were three speakers: His Eminence, Chito Cardinal Tagle began with a question: “WhatContinue reading ““Congress on Liturgical Renewal”, by Letty Jacinto-Lopez”