“The Kingdom of God is at Hand” by Fr. Jesus

Unlike earthly kingdoms, God’s kingdom is not made of gold, glitter and glamour. No castles, cavalry or courtiers there. In today’s gospel we hear the opening words of Jesus at the start of his public ministry. As in a relay marathon, wherein a runner takes over the baton from another and carries on with theContinue reading ““The Kingdom of God is at Hand” by Fr. Jesus”

“ Child, your sins are forgiven” by Fr. Jesus

Today’s gospel discloses something more about Jesus: he is not only a healer of bodies; he is the “Son of Man, “with power to heal the soul. If a person who knows nothing about Jesus Christ read the gospels of the last four Sundays, he would most probably think that Jesus was a doctor orContinue reading ““ Child, your sins are forgiven” by Fr. Jesus”

“Give Us This Bread Always” by Fr. Jesus

They were looking for him, not because of their faith and love for him but because he fed them. (We might pause right here for a while to reflect on our own motivation in following Jesus, in coming to mass, in joining church activities, etc.) For five consecutive Sundays, we will be reading almost inContinue reading ““Give Us This Bread Always” by Fr. Jesus”

“Honoring God with the Heart”, by Fr. Jesus

In today’s gospel, Jesus argues with the Pharisees and the scribes, inviting them to look beyond the letter of the law and to discover the spirit of the law. He explains to them, and to us too, that true religion does not consist in the mere performance of external rituals and external cleanliness; rather itContinue reading ““Honoring God with the Heart”, by Fr. Jesus”

“This is my blood of the covenant”, by Fr. Jesus

The New Testament covenant, ratified by the blood of Christ, is eternal because Christ is eternally faithful to it by doing the will of the Father to the end. The feast of Corpus Christi is like an extension of the Holy Thursday celebration when our Lord instituted the sacrament of the Holy Eucharist during theContinue reading ““This is my blood of the covenant”, by Fr. Jesus”

“The First Fruits of the Resurrection”, by Fr. Jesus

…peace …mission …Holy Spirit …forgiveness and …faith That’s how today’s gospel (In 20: 19-31) might be titled. Jesus gives to his disciples, and to all of us, the first and choicest fruits of his passion, death and resurrection. First, he offers peace. Not once, not twice, but three times he greets his disciples with “PeaceContinue reading ““The First Fruits of the Resurrection”, by Fr. Jesus”

“God so loved the world…” by Fr. Jesus

Love is measured by its cost, that is, by how much we are willing to sacrifice. The fourth Sunday of Lent has a festive character. It comes as a break in the Lenten penitential mood: “Rejoice, Jerusalem! Be glad for her!” exclaims the entrance antiphon. Some of us, many perhaps, will say: What good reasonContinue reading ““God so loved the world…” by Fr. Jesus”