The Weekend That Changed My Life By Adrienne Mendoza

I entered Antioch with no expectations whatsoever except for the fact that I was scared to death at the thought they were going to beat or haze us (in my defense I’ve heard things about Days with The Lord so, yeah). For the very first time, when people talked about God and their strong beliefsContinue reading “The Weekend That Changed My Life By Adrienne Mendoza”

60th Antioch Weekend

Last May 17-19 marked something pretty special: Antioch’s 60th Weekend – more than 30 years of “passing it on”. That’s 30 years of passing on unconditional love, understanding, peace, and the living of life anchored in our Catholic faith. We welcomed into our ranks 30 young people from all over the city. Michael Tiong
, RenzoContinue reading “60th Antioch Weekend”