60th Antioch Weekend

Last May 17-19 marked something pretty special: Antioch’s 60th Weekend – more than 30 years of “passing it on”. That’s 30 years of passing on unconditional love, understanding, peace, and the living of life anchored in our Catholic faith.

We welcomed into our ranks 30 young people from all over the city. Michael Tiong
, Renzo Ramos, Sam Sumulong, Jamie Santiago, Jules Santiago, Judd Sarao
, Jackie Ledesma, Migo Luis, Raisa Lorenzana, Celina Casas, Coco Oei, Raiyne Mangulabnan, David Dionisio, Paolo Cumagun, Zach Garcia, Mica Caunan, Kara Silva, Maia Villanueva, Kevin Kramer, Anina Caluag, Paolo Valmonte, Bea Limpo, Michelle Sarrosa, Suzie Agustin, Czai Esmani, Mhar Udarbe, Maine Gianan, Jen Tallada, Macmac Udarbe and JM Udarbe.

Shepherding them through the weekend were the members of Team A – the ones who gave talks, shared their lives, listened to them and welcomed them with open arms: Carla Gonzalez, 
Santi Ongsiako, 
Sandi Suplido, 
Leandro Banzon
, Iona Mapa, 
Zito Relova, 
Chrissie Domingo, 
Mico Macadaeg, 
Maria Cervero, 
Mig Mabanta, 
Paulina Ocampo
, Nicholas Gonzalez, 
Ellie Estrada, 
Zeno Pedrosa, 
Regina Galvez, 
Maui Uy. Prissy Relova
 and Carlo Aboboto helmed team A.

Behind the scenes, Team B handled all logistics, made sure people were well fed, and kept things clean and moving along – Rajie Guevara, Therese Valmonte, Aljohn Robles, Anna Orlina, Gab Estrada, JD Bacolod, Chino Garcia, and Cath Huang. Christine Tiu and Andy Teodoro helmed team B.

As always, the roller coasted ride that is an Antioch weekend had its share of challenges, but ultimately it is just another way for the youth of the parish to express themselves and to spread love and make change in their own little way –just as it has been for decades. We look forward to decades more of “passing it on.”