“Vigilance” by Fr. Balltazar Obico, OFM

“Be prepared, for at an hour you do not expect, the Son of Man will come.“ It has been said by many cultural anthropologists that one of our cultural traits as Filipinos is the mañana habit; to postpone tasks to be done for some other days with the thought of having ample time to finishContinue reading ““Vigilance” by Fr. Balltazar Obico, OFM”

“What should we do?” by Fr. Robert Manansala, OFM

This personal and self-implicating question needs to be answered during this season of prayer, reflection and self-examination. The Third Sunday of Advent has been called Gaudete Sunday, after the Latin gaudete, “to rejoice.” The mood of joyful expectation is what characterizes the readings for this Sunday. The First Reading from the Book Of Zephaniah (ZepContinue reading ““What should we do?” by Fr. Robert Manansala, OFM”

Downloadable Forms

Before coming to our Parish Office, pls. download, print and fill up the necessary forms, below, before submitting, together with proof of payment and other requirements listed on our Parish Services. NEW PARISHIONERS REGISTRATION FORM BAPTISM FORM PARISH ANNOUNCEMENT REQUEST FORM PARISH BULLETIN ARTICLE INCLUSION REQUEST PARISH BULLETIN EX-DEAL REQUEST FORM PARISH BULLETIN AD PLACEMENTContinue reading “Downloadable Forms”