OFS and LeCom Ministries Celebrate By Cristina Teehankee

We thank our Almighty God for the Christmas gathering last December 4, 2014 of the Order of Franciscan Seculars (OFS) and Lectors and Commentators (Lecom) Ministry. God’s Hand made it happen … for a purpose … and for a reason. The last minute changes of schedule beyond anyone’s control marked the entry of a newContinue reading “OFS and LeCom Ministries Celebrate By Cristina Teehankee”

Biblical Walk Through The Mass

A Biblical Walk through the Mass is a five-part study that provides a unique tour of the Liturgy. As Catholics, the Mass is the center of our Faith. The Lectors and Commentators (LeCom) Ministry headed by Dee J. Chan encouraged ministry members to join this study program. The program which is based on the revisedContinue reading “Biblical Walk Through The Mass”

The Grace to Express By Letty Jacinto-Lopez

On the feast of St. Francis, Father Jesus Galindo and Dee Chan, Head of the LecCom Ministry, presented and welcomed the newly commissioned Lectors and Commentators of SSAP: Jonathan Cruz, Janice Ledesma, Alexandra Li, Therese Necio, Niña Pañares, Carmen Rode, Raquel Soon and Marie Tycangco, together with 40 of the Ministry’s seasoned lectors who renewedContinue reading “The Grace to Express By Letty Jacinto-Lopez”

LeCom’s Official Writer

A special thanks to Rachelle Wenger, who has agreed to be the Lectors and Commentators (LeCom) Ministry’s first official writer for all our Lecom activities! Aside from being lector/commentator at San Antonio, Rachelle is also a CCD Confirmation teacher and derives greatest pleasure from being a wife to Thomas and mother to Justin & Curtis.Continue reading “LeCom’s Official Writer”