Biblical Walk Through The Mass

A Biblical Walk through the Mass is a five-part study that provides a unique tour of the Liturgy. As Catholics, the Mass is the center of our Faith. The Lectors and Commentators (LeCom) Ministry headed by Dee J. Chan encouraged ministry members to join this study program. The program which is based on the revised translation of the Mass explores the biblical roots of the words and gestures experienced in Mass and explains their profound significance.

The program started Nov. 21 and is ongoing every Friday thereafter until Dec. 12. Right now the program is open only for LeCom Ministry members.

However, future sessions for the public will be made available next year. LeCom members who have attended say the study program has shown them, perhaps for the first time, why we say what we say and do what we do at Mass. The words and gestures are seen in a new light leading to a richer, more fruitful worship experience.

The study program is facilitated by Francis Horn. He guides everyone
throughout A Biblical Walk Through the Mass with a DVD series and book of the same name by Dr. Edward Sri, an American Catholic speaker and the author of several best-selling books. Reading materials, a set of workbook and book were prepared for LeCom members for a minimal cost of P300.