Christmas is…. By Letty Jacinto-Lopez

“Come see my tree,” said my friend Cora Florencio and that made me smile. To me, once the Christmas tree is up, the most beautiful and well-revered season is definitely upon us. My mother would play Christmas carols and sweet lullabies that were both soft and calming. She’d gather us around the console radio andContinue reading “Christmas is…. By Letty Jacinto-Lopez”

Why We Give By Letty Jacinto-Lopez

In the pattern of daily work, we take many things for granted: A restful sleep, a bright new morning to jumpstart our wits and enthusiasm, plus re-energized vigor to tackle the day’s load. We focus on our own needs and priorities, shutting out the others, until we come across those who have made it theirContinue reading “Why We Give By Letty Jacinto-Lopez”

“The Poor, you will always have with you” by Letty Jacinto-Lopez

She was waiting in the wings, dressed in rags, hesitant to approach me, but when I caught her eye, she put on this most disconsolate face and begged, “Help me. I suffer from Hypertension and I can’t buy my medicine.” She took out a piece of paper containing a prescription, “The doctor in our barangayContinue reading ““The Poor, you will always have with you” by Letty Jacinto-Lopez”

How to Win the Heart by Letty Jacinto-Lopez

First, you must have honest and noble intentions. You are so taken by her that you’d want to do everything right and everything good to capture her attention, to make her know you exist and that you are out to make this feeling you feel so enabling that you’d make her see, feel and inContinue reading “How to Win the Heart by Letty Jacinto-Lopez”

“A Mother’s Sorrow” By Letty Jacinto-Lopez

Originally Published by PHILIPPINE STAR and in Father James B. Reuter’s Mama Mary and her Children, Book 3.          “My son, my son, please don’t break my heart, ” cried my friend as she waved goodbye to her child who was off to party that night.  She said this every time he left the house. Continue reading ““A Mother’s Sorrow” By Letty Jacinto-Lopez”

PART 1 Advent: How it all Began By Letty Jacinto-Lopez

At a recent celebration of the Holy Eucharist, there was a new commentator who was visibly overtaken by nervousness. Instead of announcing that the Church was already on its first week of Advent, she stuttered, “Today, um, ah, hmm, we’re on the third week in Ordinary Time!” (Ordinary Time is made up of 34 weeksContinue reading “PART 1 Advent: How it all Began By Letty Jacinto-Lopez”

PART 2: Thoughts and Themes for the Year 2015 By Letty Jacinto-Lopez

In all the toing and froing accompanying Christmas and the New Year, let us give a thought that, 1) The Lord’s Prayer (Our Father) is actually an Advent prayer. “….Thy kingdom come….Adveniat renum tuum (May your kingdom come….) 2) We focus on Year B – The Gospel of Mark. 3) We have 9 years toContinue reading “PART 2: Thoughts and Themes for the Year 2015 By Letty Jacinto-Lopez”

Soul and Sacrifice By Letty Jacinto-Lopez (Originally published by Lifestyle Philippine Star)

All her life, my friend competed to prove to her father that she was her father’s daughter. When her father died, she still felt that she didn’t do enough to make her father take pride in her. She asked me once, “Do you think my father loved me?” I replied, “Of course! He just didn’tContinue reading “Soul and Sacrifice By Letty Jacinto-Lopez (Originally published by Lifestyle Philippine Star)”

St. Francis and the Rose without Thorns By Letty Jacinto-Lopez

When Father Dave Concepcion of Catholic Travel first organized a visit to the Marian apparition sites in Italy, France and Portugal, he threw in more spiritual and religious sites that heightened our interest plus of course filling us with delight. In Italy, Father Dave included a visit to the region of Umbria and the charmingContinue reading “St. Francis and the Rose without Thorns By Letty Jacinto-Lopez”