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“Tempus Fugit, Memento Mori”

The Trappist Monks, known for their strict observance of monastic life of silence, prayer, work and study used to greet one another with the greeting “Memento Mori.” “Memento mori” can be translated as “Remember death.” A translation that can have more impact is: “Remember that you will die.” In Pilipino, “Alalahanin mo, mamamatay ka rin.” This greeting is a reminder of one’s mortality and the need to live faithfully in this world. Life is short; live your life well.

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Parents as Pilots by Norman Camungol

I’ve never been more aware as I am now of the whereabouts of my four children. You know what “omnipresence” is? That word describes my children, always present. We are all confined to our home as most of you are. We are all going crazy. I’m healthy. We’re safe. Gratitude and perspective have never been…

A Letter from the Editor

Gifted to Give: Talent Mid June at 9:20 p.m., after waking up from a nap which is rare — I do not take naps and surely not before turning down for the night — I checked on my e-mails and saw the interaction between our Photo Editor Jojo and our Assistant Editor Mara regarding the…


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