The Health Care Ministry had its first activity of the year—a recollection in Taal, Batangas, last January 13, 2015. The group visited some old, ancestral homes at Taal Town, The Heritage Town, which showcased our Filipino heritage. However, the visit to the Taal Basilica of St. Martin de Tours and the Shrine of Our LadyContinue reading “HEALTH CARE MINISTRY NEWS by Barbie Young”

Health Care Ministry’s Annual Recollection

The Health Care Ministry members held its annual Recollection at the Pico de Loro Country Club, Nasugbu, Batangas last July 22. Accompanied by Fr. Jesus Galindo, OFM, the group left Makati at 7:30 am. Upon arrival at the beautiful cove resort, they were treated to a welcome drink and were immediately escorted to a specialContinue reading “Health Care Ministry’s Annual Recollection”