The ABC’s of Catholic Doctrine: “I have been changed for the better.”

Many of us attend Mass more than once a week, pray the Rosary regularly, and have great devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. We say many prayers; yet people notice our bad tempers, our sharp tongues, our gloomy or touchy dispositions. What went wrong? Aren’t we supposed to be more holy? Grace may actuallyContinue reading “The ABC’s of Catholic Doctrine: “I have been changed for the better.””

The ABC’s of Catholic Doctrine

WINNING SOULS FOR CHRIST: How many people (Catholics and non-Catholics) did we bring closer to our faith in 2013? During the past years? During our lifetime? Many of us, Catholics, think that this missionary job belongs to priests and nuns. This, however, is not true. We have seen and experienced the overly aggressive Protestants tryingContinue reading “The ABC’s of Catholic Doctrine”