29th SYA Weekend Retreat (March 13-15, 2015) By Mara Boquiren

People find themselves attending our retreat for different reasons. Many come to deepen or restore their relationship with God. Others are there to find respite, gain clarity, or join a faith family. Some were compelled by a friend or relative to be there. Whatever their reason for joining, they finish the retreat consistently receiving farContinue reading “29th SYA Weekend Retreat (March 13-15, 2015) By Mara Boquiren”


I found out about the SYA Weekend reading its simple and straightforward announcement on the parish bulletin board 11 years ago. Back then, my relationship with God was through daily prayer & meditation, and attending Mass. I believe I was quite happy then, with my friends and my job. However, I couldn’t say I wasContinue reading ““JOURNEYING IN FAITH THROUGH SYA” By Johan Ferrer”