Luke 18 Summer Camp

The Lukers had their first Luke 18 San Antonio Summer Camp last May 29- 31. The focus and theme of the camp was “Being Salt, Light and Yeast for the World.” Below is the talk given by Bella Murga to the other Lukers regarding her experience and reflections from camp. (Introduction by Yenyen Chan) ***************Continue reading “Luke 18 Summer Camp”

Luke 18: Faith is a Decision by Yenyen Chan

Last November 28- 30, 2014, the members of the Luke 18 community had a Weekend with the theme “Faith is a Decision”. They had talks and sharings to encourage them to be more aware of the impact of their daily decisions especially those concerning their relationships with family, friends and God. The Weekend also encouragedContinue reading “Luke 18: Faith is a Decision by Yenyen Chan”

63rd Luke 18 Weekend by Alexa Tordesillas and Henry Tordesillas Harrison

An event very special in the hearts of the members of our Faith Family happened last August 1-3. It was the 63rd Luke 18 Weekend.The Luke weekend is a retreat for 11-15 year olds who want to meet new friends and find a new home in the church. We, the Lukers, have one important goalContinue reading “63rd Luke 18 Weekend by Alexa Tordesillas and Henry Tordesillas Harrison”

Faith Sharing for Fiesta Novena Mass Day 3

We are featuring a series of nine Faith Sharing of Virtues of St. Anthony of Padua that were presented during the fiesta 9-day novena masses. This will temporarily replace the Sunday Gospel Reflections; after which the Gospel Reflections will return. Seeking God by Rocky Chan Good evening, I am Rocky Chan, ministry head for theContinue reading “Faith Sharing for Fiesta Novena Mass Day 3”