How First Holy Communion Will Change My Life by Emma Georgina C. Ramos

First Holy Communion will change my life because Jesus will travel into my body and he will guide me wherever I go. Since Jesus is now with me, I need to behave. I must follow The Ten Commandments and do lots of works of mercy!

As I receive Jesus’ body and blood, I will praise God and ask forgiveness for my sins. I know I should try to not sin because it’s like sticking a nail in Jesus’ hand when he was crucified. Jesus died for my sins and it was painful. When I look at the cross, I remember Jesus’ sacrifice. He died for us. I am sad because he died. But I am also happy because he freed us from sin.

When I take my First Holy Communion, I will be more aware of my actions. I will try my best to help my yayas, follow my parents, and play with my little brother whenever he asks me to. In school, I will try to solve fights that happen with my friends when we play games. I will help anyone who gets hurt.

I will do all these because these are the things that Jesus did when he was alive on earth and I want to follow his example. My sacrifice is small compared to Jesus’ sacrifice. But I think that as long as I do the right thing, Jesus will love what I am doing.

Jesus is our Savior and I am so happy to be receiving him during First Holy Communion!

As published in the April 16 issue of the Parish Bulletin.