This Lenten Season, I feel distinctly blessed to attend not one but three very special and very different Recollections and talks. The speakers from the clergy and from the laity spoke on FORGIVENESS, HUMILITY, on FAST, ABSTINENCE, ALMSGIVING and PENANCE. Being from different backgrounds, their presentations of their subjects were uniquely their own but with the same underlying theme proper to the season of Lent. For me however, what was so amazing, and full of hope, was that they each ended their talks with the same message– that God is love and that God’s love will always win, which to me, translates into “God’s Victorious Love”, beginning with that first Easter Sunday.

Contemplative Outreach Philippines, through its many different prayer groups in Metro Manila meets weekly at different locations. (Here in SSA, we meet every Monday morning at St. Elizabeth room near the parish office.) We do Centering Prayer and Lectio Divina, a practice of prayerful listening to Scripture. The regular practice of contemplative prayer and lectio has become a way of life for us. In time, one experiences a deepening of one’s relationship with God leading to personal transformation.

As His beloved sons and daughters, we are “Bearers of God’s Victorious Love”. With utmost trust and belief in His infinite power and mercy, we welcome and accept each day as a gift from Him. With fidelity to our spiritual practices of Centering Prayer and Lectio Divine, God’s grace helps us to grow in obedience, compassion, forgiveness, and charity.

Let us pray and walk together in our spiritual journey. As a faith community may we experience God’s love, peace and joy. In turn, may we become bearers of these divine gifts to our families and friends not only during this Lenten season but for all seasons.

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As published in the April 16 issue of the Parish Bulletin.