In 2012, I was representing the CWL SSAP Chapter when Fr. Joel Sulse, OFM, the incumbent parish priest appointed me to chair the Hospitality Ministry, which was never occupied before. I learned that ushering our parishioners in Church is a calling of the Lord. Since then, I spent 8 hrs. in Church every Sunday to perform my duty as greeter and collector during the Holy Masses. As ushers, we see to it that PWDs and seniors are properly seated. We assist during communion. We enforce proper dress code. We welcome new families into the parish, congratulate newly baptized babies and newly married couples and send condolences to the passing of parishioners.

As chair of the Hospitality Ministry for four years now, I am still waiting for someone who can take my place. In the meantime, I would like to share with you the joy of serving in our parish. I would like to repeat the saying: “There is no accident with the Lord.” I was born in Tuburan, Cebu, where our patron saint is also San Antonio. My mother’s name is Antonia. I got married to a guy named Antonio. My daughter is named Antoinette and my other niece is Dr. Antoinette Cabahug. My parents were also devoted to San Antonio.

I have been a parishioner of San Antonio for more than half of my life and I intend to serve the Parish until the Lord calls me and says: “You have done your humble job serving me, it is time for you to rest and share your joy and happiness to others.” I thank and praise you Lord through San Antonio for giving me the great opportunity to serve this Parish with the guidance of the Holy Spirit and of Jesus Christ, my Savior.