God calls and invites His children to serve him in different ways. For those individuals who have chosen the married life as their vocation, serving Him through active participation in a Church ministry is indeed a special calling.

When Jesus Christ instructed husbands to love their wives just as He loved the Church, this love was not purely meant for the benefit of the married couple alone. Our Lord also wants married couples to share their love to the church or community where they belong and more importantly, to offer their love and service to a “much important master, the one Lord.”

Serving our Lord through a church ministry not only requires a deep commitment, but more importantly, humility, selflessness and service.

As with all earthly organizations, there will be “high and low” points that can contribute to frustration or even disillusionment. Occasionally, couples may feel that they are doing all the “heavy lifting” in their ministries and lose sight of the sacred purpose. However, it is important for couples to realize not to rely on themselves in dealing with frustration
and disappointment.

To sustain and constantly experience God’s love and inspiration, both husband and wife have to create their own “individual” spaces on a daily basis and establish their own personal and loving relationship with God. This “space” and personal relationship with God will help them “to carry on” in serving Him through their respective ministries despite difficulties and tribulations.