PASSOVER MEAL by Tina Teehankee

 Passover Seder MealThe Passover Seder Meal is a Christian ritual that allows us to return to the sources of our past that is the very ground of our being.  The celebration remembers the Passover night when God rescued the Children of Israel from slavery in Egypt.  Why is it important for us to observe the Passover Seder Meal?  Moses said, “You shall observe this rite as a perpetual ordinance for you and your children.  When you come to the land that the Lord will give you, as he has promised, you shall keep this observance.  And when your children ask you, “What do you mean by this observance?’ you shall say, ‘It is the Passover sacrifice to the Lord, for he passed over the houses of the Israelites in Egypt, when he struck down the Egyptians but spared our houses.”  And the people bowed down and worshiped. – Exodus 12:24-27

We invite families and friends to attend the Passover Seder Meal. The Passover Seder Meal costs P500.00 per head.  We can choose beef, chicken, or fish for our main dish complete with the Seder Meal symbols on each table.  We invite all Ministry Heads, Members, Parishioners and friends to attend.  Reserve a table and bring the entire family! Register now at the Parish Office c/o Ms. Bernadette Andulte or your Ministry Head.