“The Call and Passion to Serve” By Earl Leonard Sebastian

“Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.”

1 Peter 4:10

This article is in dedication with the grace of St. Martha, the patroness of service. A saint who I look up to, most especially in my calling to serve the church in whatever capacity.

My name may not ring a bell to the parishioners. I am part of the Single Young Adults community and serve in every “SYA Weekend” mass which welcomes the participants. Some of the members of the SYA community are also on board the newly reformed Editorial team of the Parish Bulletin, which will promise everyone a touch of the classic and modern look.

Everyone asks me the same question. Where do I get the passion and desire to serve and volunteer in my ministry when I do not get anything in return? They say it’s a calling. The same way our names were discerned and got the calling to serve and facilitate for the SYA Faith Community. All members of the Editorial team are also part of other ministries of the Parish, which serve in the community.

God gave us talents for us not to bury under the grounds, but rather to use it wisely and glorify His name and serve His people. The more blessed we are with God-given gifts, the more we are responsible and power we have to do good for the benefit of others. Christmas is also the best time to share our gifts with each other. And mine is to use the gift of writing and sharing my insights to the Parish Bulletin. Having had the opportunity to meet personalities in different fields, it’s about time I offer something related to my faith. This may not be financially rewarding although it may take a lot of commitment and devotion, but the impact it brings and creates to society creates a huge difference most especially the Heavenly rewards and being a blessing to others.

I’ve always believed that this devotion is a way of thanking God for everything He has given and sooner the seeds being planted shall finally bear fruit.

In behalf of your friendly neighborhood Parish Bulletin, this kind soul is sincerely requesting from you, from the adults to the kids of the parish community: to spend your time more with the community and learn more about how you can share your talents with us. You can join any organizations or ministries within the Parish – Worship, Social Services, Family Life, Education ministries and the different organizations under each ministry – and this can make your 2016 worth it.

The entire community of Santuario de San Antonio is always here to welcome you in whatever ministry you may want to take part with. We are one family.