CHRISTMAS KNOCKING by JPIC Scholarship Committee

1Is it almost Christmas again? Where did the all the months after June go? When half the year is over time seems to fly and once more we are confronted with the thought of Christmas and all the joys, preparations and hassle that accompany the season. But as the saying goes “you never cross the same river twice” and this is so true for our most celebrated and wonderful season of Christmas.

Traditional rituals stay but there is always something added or lacking or just different. Whether it’s as trivial as a new place or décor or as painful as the passing of a loved one, Christmas calls for thinking about its essence and vitality – celebrating with loved ones, sharing, and the thought of making it better, happier, more meaningful and even more organized knocks at our consciousness.
20At the JPIC Scholarship Program we have our traditional Christmas party on the first week of December and we try to make each year a Christmas to remember. For the scholars past and present reunite, hear mass, sing, play games, offer a program, mingle and joyfully receive gifts offered to them by our parishioners. Gifts not heavy on the pocket but given with love and effort just to make things fun and playful for our scholars who are almost strangers to gifts.

So come November we solicit idle items from your closets and chests, things perhaps forgotten, unused items just awaiting a life more vibrant and useful than sleeping and occupying space inside the four walls of a cabinet. SO PLEASE EXPLORE, UNLOAD AND SET ASIDE things big and small and enjoy more space! Give it life and spread joy by sending them over to the Parish office care of JPIC Socio-Pastoral worker Ms. Jackie. They become raffle gifts, and prizes for games and we try to have everyone bring home a gift that brings smiles on their eager faces. Did it last year? Do it again! Cross the river but with new spirit.

In advance, our heartfelt thank you!

Note: Guideline for gifts – shirts, caps, belts, bags and backpacks; socks, towels, pillowcase; ball pen, notebook, hairbrush, home and kitchen utilities, corporate and airline giveaways – but new and unused. Ms. Jackie tel. 8438830 loc. 7
SSAP JPIC Scho. Prog. Comm. / M.O