This reflection is rated X-PG: Parental guidance for children is required as heard in many teleseries dramas nowadays. Why do many people, even today’s Christians like to watch them? One reason is possibly because the so-called bed scenes excites/stirs up sexuality/sensual desire/libido – seeing two naked persons performing sex. Usually the characters are not married yet either civilly or in Church but because of their passion (strong feeling of romantic love for each other), they grab the opportunity/right to consummate the physical act reserved for married couples!

First of all, there is an alarming increase of divorce rate in Western countries (USA and Europe); there are also increasing numbers of legal separations here in the Philippines.

In a course on Marriage, Family, Sexual and Crisis Counseling at the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, California, the professor states that DIVORCE IS NOT THE SOLUTION FOR MARRIAGE on the verge of failure. He further said that marriage of so short a term of three years is salvageable. Married couples could avail of marriage/psychological counseling and/or spiritual direction to save the marriage.

“Some psychologists are pointing out that divorce does not solve problems, but only opens up an avenue of temporary escape, an avenue with a dead end. They observe that after divorce, a trauma of failure remains, with loneliness and guilt as constant reminders of what might have been. Family counselors have long maintained that children need love and guidance of both parents, and they insist that divorce destroys a part of children’s birthright and jeopardizes their future happiness. There is growing awareness, among some at least, that the relaxation of divorce laws is a favor to no one.” (The Word Made Flesh by Fr. Charles Miller, CM) Jesus Christ in the Gospel takes a strong stand on marriage and divorce. “He clearly states that from the very beginning, God’s plan for marriage was that it should be a life-long unity of one man and one woman. Its purpose is the procreation of children and their education, as well as the mutual love and fulfillment of the husband and wife. These demand this life-long bond. Divorce, which tries to break this bond, breaks the law of the creator who decreed what was best for the temporal and spiritual welfare of the human race.” (The Sunday Readings by Fr. Kevin O’Sullivan, OFM)

It is important to mention here about the children. Jesus Christ loves the children; he told the disciples: “Let the children come to me, do not hinder them; for to such belongs the kingdom of God.” Married couples have the choice to practice true Christianity by following Jesus’ teachings/commandments in a child-like way: Humble, Receptive, and Grateful. A child is unselfconscious, happy and content to be dependent on the elders.

Married couples have a choice to practice true faith by the total acceptance of commitment to each other and to the covenant with God. They could act like adults with no parental guidance required!

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