Health Care Ministry/ Hospital Committee By Chuchi Quevedo

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It is our privilege to bring the love of God and the love of San Antonio parishioners to the indigent patients in the Rizal Medical Center (RMC) located near C5, along Shaw Blvd Extension. Since 2004, the Health Care Ministry members have become a channel through which patients and their watchers are able to feel the love of God in a very concrete way: through our weekly visits, we are able to extend Pastoral Care Service — listening to the concerns of the patients and relatives. We also extend medical assistance in cases where the patients cannot afford to buy medicines or antibiotics, nor go through much needed diagnostic tests for lack of funds. We sometimes provide non-medical assistance, providing food for the watcher when necessary and transportation money for home conduction of discharged patients who are invalid and with no watcher.

Many of our parishioners who have the resources are willing to help, but do not have the time to go to the hospital. By donating to the San Antonio Parish, their love is freely delivered to the indigent patients.

The patients are pre-screened by the social workers of RMC, to ensure that the patient is qualified. A short background of the family and patient is provided in writing, and a picture is also taken by us. We scrutinize the prescriptions and make sure that the medicines are procured by us from a nearby pharmacy, and then delivered to the patient, to be administered by the nurse on the same day. We walk an extra mile to ensure that your donation goes to the proper person and that not a centavo is wasted.

In 2014, we disbursed P400K to 127 patients, with only 4 mortality, and 124 discharged, with improvement.