The humanity of a preborn child: The ABC’s of Catholic Doctrine by Lianne Tiu

12A preborn child is a human being even in the earliest stages of life. He or she should be treated equally and be given the same protection as we enjoy under the law. He or she deserves the right to be born.

It is, indeed, horrifying when a mother terminates the life of her own defenseless child. Abortion equals murder.

In America, a native Indian woman approached a Chinese medical doctor as she wanted to have an abortion. The doctor told her: “You can’t do that; it’s a criminal act, it is murder!”
14When the doctor saw that he wasn’t getting anywhere with this woman, who would surely go to another doctor, he had a supernatural idea: something like the judgment of Solomon.
Doctor: “How many children do you have?”
Woman: “Six”
Doctor: “And the eldest, how old is he?”
Woman: “Nine years old.”
Doctor: “Why don’t you want the one you are expecting?”
Woman: “Because I can’t feed them all.”
Doctor: “Well look, as for this one who is going to be born, no; but bring me the nine-year-old, and I’ll kill him for you.”
Woman: “No! No!” (raising her hands to her head)
Doctor: “But this is the one who eats the most! On the other hand, the one who is going to be born will hardly cost anything, because you will be giving him your breast…”
11A preborn child is just as real as you and me, created by God out of love and made in His image. Studies show that he or she can feel pain and can cry inside the womb. The child is struggling, suffering, and ‘crying out’ terribly inside the womb when he or she is dismembered, suctioned, or poisoned by abortion. When will we finally wake up to this reality?

(Reference: “Bright and Cheerful Homes” by St. JosemariaEscriva (Get-together in Valencia Nov. 19, 1972); “Abortion” from American Life League; “Study Shows Pre-Born Children Cry In The Womb” from Christian Communication Network )

19-week-old Baby Walter Fretz (from7 images that prove the humanity of preborn children by Becky Yeh)