OFS Feeding Program at the Friendship Home By Cristina Teehankee

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It was the 29th day of May, 2015, Friday before the last weekend of Summer Vacation. The day was special for the families that gathered in St. Francis Friendship Home Livelihood & Spirituality Center, composed of the underprivileged mothers, fathers and children of West Rembo and its surrounding communities in Makati. It was the Recognition Day of the Order of Franciscan Seculars OFS Summer Feeding Program at the Friendship Home.

The air was filled with happy anticipation that something good was going to happen . . . each one hoping to be given an award for their dedication and presence in the Feeding Program. The La Ermita de San Nicolas de Tolentino was filled with Secular Franciscans, parents and children as early as 7:45AM, ready to start the day’s Agenda with prayer and thanksgiving. Fr. Tasang’s homily moved the hearts of mothers and children to be more involved and caring.

Immediately after Mass, the Program started with games for the children and mothers to build up their appetite for the nutritious Vita-Pro breakfast and lunch after. Thereafter, the children waited in anticipation to be weighed and attendance checked for the Best in Weight and Attendance categories; listened intently to their mothers as they told their life stories and eyes and ears glued to the Emcee to hear the winners for the Most Attentive and Family Awards.

In all these, the Secular Franciscans were beginning to form the parents and their children the good habits that parents should teach their children as part of their instructions for life . . . the value of prayer and thanksgiving . . .which can be a powerful resource for them in the years ahead.