A NATURE – FIELD DAY by JPIC Scholarship Committee/Marietta Cuyegkeng/MVR


Recently our JPIC scholars and JPIC Scholarship Committee members trooped to the Mini-Forest Park, Miriam College for the annual JPIC Scholars’ Graduation Picnic.

Conceptualized by Sr. Marisa Lichauco along with the JPIC Scholarship Committee, the moving force behind this green oasis, the much anticipated event is a JPIC scholars’ culminating activity that seeks to enhance everyone’s appreciation of nature and its beauty – the Integrity of Creation.

Sr. Marisa toured the youth around the various gardens – the Friendship Garden, Centennial Garden, Science Garden, Freedom Garden, Peace Garden, Prayer Garden and Shade Garden. These gardens emphasize the peace, calm and serenity that nature brings, pointing out the usefulness of the various trees and plants for daily lives. After the tour, trivia questions on the gardens followed.

To complete the event, the Ateneo Placement Office Mrs. Carla S. Siojo, Mr. Ronnie Rodriguez and other members, introduced to JPIC Scholarship Program by Mr. Renan Prado, English Tutorial Teacher of our JPIC Scholarship, conducted an informative workshop on how to make an effective resume and comport oneself during job interviews.

A delicious adobo rice lunch “binalot” style with green mangoes, tomato and red egg siding was served, after which games were played and prizes given. It was not only a fun-filled day. The picnic was an educational and uplifting experience as well.

These activities are designed to give our scholars meaningful experiences to enable them to become well rounded and responsible citizens better equipped to face life’s challenges.