YSA Game Fest By Iona Mapa

Last April 24, members of the 3 YSA Communities (Single Young Adults (SYA), Antioch, and Luke 18) and the JPIC Scholars came together for YSA Game Fest! The night was planned to strengthen the bonds between these communities while raising funds for YSA-JPIC Projects such as recollections and catechism classes.
We kicked off the night by joining hands in a prayer led by Antiocher, Carlo Aboboto. Carlo lifted up the night to God and thanked Him for the love that we feel within our little YSA community. SYA member Javier Gomez officially welcomed everyone to the event with remarks on what the night meant for the community. He spoke of the importance of our faith family’s mission, inspiring YSA to continue spreading God’s love. Then, a night of games began! Everyone joined in the fun, battling it out in the YSA Trivia Game and playing rounds and rounds of board games.

The JPIC scholars at the event opened up about how they are grateful not only for their scholarships, but also of projects such as this. They shared that these events help them grow spiritually and truly make them feel included in the faith family. Photo 11
“It was a joy to serve with Antiochers and Lukers, whom I never got to work with until recently. Their energy, enthusiasm, and creativity are very refreshing. I was very happy to hear that many of our attendees enjoyed themselves too. It was also great that many YSA-ers gave donations and came to show their support. All of these made it worthwhile to me.” – Mara Boquiren, SYA

“As a “Bridge Builder” or “Ate” in Luke 18, I felt incredibly happy and proud to see so many Lukers come out that night and have fun with the older members of the community. Even if they were the youngest of the group, the Lukers held their own. They gave their best efforts in all of the games and eagerly met and spoke with everyone at the event!” – Iona Mapa, Luke 18 Bridge builder

“The YSA Game Fest was very fun! I was part of the planning stages and I can honestly say that I did not expect so many participants. I interacted with members from the different YSA communities and JPIC, which is something I haven’t been able to do before because there was never any opportunity. The trivia game was intense! The board game part of the night also allowed us to bond with everyone. I hope that we have an event again soon for YSA!” – Kat Aldaba, Antiocher

The night’s witty and energetic hosts, Carlo Aboboto (Antioch) and Alex Li (SYA), kept everyone laughing and enjoying throughout the night! Photo 7
Endless support was given by Parishoners in the form of donated food, drinks, and was given by Parishoners in the form of donated food, drinks, and prizes!